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About Savinelli Pipes Past

About Savinelli Pipe historySavinelli Pipes may be the right tobacco pipe for you! If you are looking to sport your very own tobacco pipe after your evening meals but don’t know which ones are for you, you might want to try a Savinellli pipe. These types of pipes are the epitome of chic and sophistication. A Savinelli tobacco pipe is also the best Italian pipe brand you can get your hands on.

How it Came About
The history of the innocent Savinelli pipe started off as far back as 1876 when the brand’s original owner, Achille Savinelli Sr opened the first store in the world that only specialized in smoking articles. It was located near the famous Piazza Duomo at the heart of Milan.

The shop, which still exists today, soon became a local hotspot (no pun intended) for passionate smokers and a place for them to discuss their favorite pastime and share their individual experiences with each other. The shop is also where Savinelli Sr started on designing his own pipes by having them crafted by local artisans in the district of Varese in the north.

After that, Achille Savinelli’s sister and brother moved to Milan and opened their own pipe store as well. They also managed to generate a faithful clientele thereby establishing the Savinelli name.

Achille Savinelli further boosted his pipes’ popularity by putting them on display at the Esposizione Industriale Italiana (Italian Industrial Exposition) in 1881. The exposition is a precursor to the popular Milan fair. The creator’s entrepreneurial instincts also seem to run in the family even today.

However, it was the year 1981 that really made the Savinelli name really stand out when one of Achille Sr’s descendants, Achille Jr began trying his expertise in pipe making which he did at the back of his family’s store. He worked, sculpted and designed his way through a lot of pipes before he finally came up with the “genuine” Savinelli pipe that is still so sought after even today.

Even though Italy was hailed as a country that grew the best quality briar, the best selling pipes still had to be made in other countries. Achille Jr’s initiatives were simple; he started his own production of high quality pipes. Most Italian pipe makers were used to mass producing shoddy tobacco pipes for the general public. Achille Jr moved to change that and strived to produce a quality product. Put in a dash of national pride and you are left with a tobacco pipe that is very uniquely Italian.

In the end Savenelli Jr succeeded in creating a luxury product that was good enough to butt heads with the big names in the tobacco pipe industry so much so that a Saveinelli pipe would even surpass their level of production. The verdict? The Savinelli line of smoking pipes has since become a mark of excellence in tobacco pipes on a global basis.

Other than that, the Savinelli pipes themselves include their signature balsa filter system. They also include an even number of acrylic and vulcanite stems.

Pick up a Savinelli tobacco pipe today and enjoy it's great smoke!Learn alligator green savinelli tobacco pipe history past.