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Ardor History

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Ardor History ImageThe Ardor history can be traced back to the turn of the 20th century.

In 1911 four Italian brothers came together to make primarily machine-made mid-grade tobacco pipes.

As pipe smoking enthusiasts are sure to tell you, we got lucky when the company took an unexpected turn towards high-end craftsmanship. The smoking pipes you probably enjoy from Ardor today were most likely created after the rebranding in 1974. That was the year that father and son team, Angelo and Dorelio Rovera, took the ‘AR’ of Angelo Rovera and the ‘DOR” of Dorelio Rovera and created Ardor as we know it.

Ardor Pipes signifies passion for the craft.

You might recognize the word ardor as an expression of enthusiasm and passion, an apt description for the way these two men approached the art of creating tobacco pipes. 

Ardor Pipes Image Prior to the rebranding of Ardor pipes, the company was, at best, creating a medium quality product. After 1974, all Ardor pipes would be hand-crafted by the father-son team. Eventually, the talented hands of Dorelio’s son entered the mix. Damiano Rovera brought his own unique carving talents to the brand and transitioned the company to more modern acrylic stems, which are popular in international markets.

The Ardor history is one steeped in the tradition of hand-carved Italian pipes. Damiano and Dorelio still take that history seriously. The second generation of Ardor’s father-son teams is involved in every step of the pipe making process, from choosing and aging the briar to their modern interpretation of classic pipe designs.

 Ardor pipes have a loyal collector following; generally, from pipe smokers who enjoy whimsical designs and creative carvings. You can find tobacco pipes in the 40 years of Ardor history that are finished with sandblasting, rusticating, smooth finishes, and even aggressively hand-carved. All modern Ardor pipes feature acrylic rods for their pipe stems and are fitted with a Delrin Tenon or silver spigot mount.

Ardor pipes come in over 150 shapes, and are almost entirely carved by Dorelio and Damiano Rovera.

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