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Benefits of Tobacco Pouches for Storing Tobacco

Why use a Tobacco Pouch for your tobacco!

There is a long standing feud in the world of tobacco pipe smoking about how best to store pipe tobacco, especially for a pipe smoker who is "on the go." Yes, tobacco pipe smoking is a calming and contemplative hobby, something like meditation, which allows you to go into your own thoughts and calm your mind for a while. Still, you want to be able to enjoy the hobby wherever you go. So, should you choose tobacco pouches or tobacco tins when storing your tobacco? There are good arguments on either side, and the ultimate choice is up to you.

Tobacco pouches tend to have a more stylish and classical look about them than tins. They tend to store a smaller amount of tobacco than tins, but they will go well with a gentleman's other fashionable accessories such as the briefcase and wallet. In fact, the pouch gives you the unique opportunity to match just about everything in your whole travel ensemble. A man who looks good feels good, so many pipe smokers choose this spin on their storage. You will have to be cautious not to allow the pouch to be crushed or otherwise damaged, as it is more susceptible to this than tins are.

Tobacco Pouch Gift

Many tobacco pouches have the added bonus of being able to be easily customized as a gift. They work well for birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, New Year's, or special occasions such as a wedding or graduation from law school. A monogrammed tobacco pouch is something that's been personalized in a unique way that most tobacco tins simply can't match. You might want to consider something like hand tooled leather pipe accessories alongside other trendy, "masculine" gifts like a shaving set or other tools. To get the full tobacco pipe experience, it has to help a smoker feel good about life!

Tobacco pouches are not always the ideal solution for storing tobacco -- it really depends on your lifestyle. If they are not stored carefully, these pouches can be a bit more susceptible to the elements, although they offer some protection against your tobacco getting wet. When being packed in with other goods, you must be careful to ensure they are fully secured and will not get crushed or otherwise harmed. However, there's arguably no substitute for the sleek sophistication of a genuine leather tobacco pouch; it is a personal extension of a pipe smoker's favorite hobby. No matter what you choose, enjoy your tobacco!