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Best Peterson Pipe

An important pair of people to the pipe smoker's scene, the dynamic duo of the Kapp brothers is an illustration to the humble beginnings of a dream that later became reality. However, a Charles Peterson was added to the design mix once he strolled into the Kapp brother's pipe making shop and promised that he could dramatically improve their products. The brothers were interested, and thankfully, Peterson was able to prove up his boast. This is how the famous Peterson pipe came to be, and today sells roughly 100,000 pipes a year.

Peterson Dry SystemBest Peterson Pipe

One of the most famous innovations of a Peterson pipe involves it's “dry system” that collected the spittle and moisture in a small recess. This kept the interior of the pipe dryer and also created a much cooler temperature for the smoke while it was in the pipe. Lack of moisture can discourage the dottle of the tobacco from forming, so not only was this an improvement for the quality of the smoke, but also was far more hygienic. The P-lip was another revolutionary idea; this created a hole in the stem that directed the smoke towards the roof of the mouth and prevented tobacco “burn” during the smoking session.

Peterson Pipe Craftsmanship

This brand of pipe is so highly regarded due to several factors. Not only were some of the bowl and stem designs revolutionary and imaginative in their day, but the pipes were constructed carefully and with real craftsmanship. In addition, although there are many pipes from this company that are very valuable and highly collectable, most of today's Peterson's are still sold at a very equitable price. This allows those with a tighter budget to still enjoy the quality of a great smoke from a Peterson pipe.

Peterson Pipes for Everyone

Best Peterson Pipe killarneyBasically, for a beginner or someone on a tighter budget, the Aran, Kildare, Killarney, Donagal Rocky and the Sterling Series pipes can be found quite affordably from TobaccoPipes.com. It is not uncommon to find fills on the Peterson pipes, and it is thought that they require a longer period of time to “break in” than some of the other brands. However, due to the quality of the pipe and the smoking experience, these are some of the most well known and popular tobacco pipes in the world. Depending on the style and grain you select, you could make this a great heirloom piece or just an attractive addition to your pipe collection.