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Best Pipes

Those who are not immersed in the curious world of tobacco pipes may be wondering how people can ever choose among the many types of wood, shapes and styles of pipes. Although they all essentially have the same function – that of allowing a good pipe tobacco to be smoked smoothly and easily – there are many small differences that can change your perspective on what is truly the best pipes on the market today. In order to make a good investment on your first or your best pipe, here are some factors to consider.

Best PipesLooks of a Pipe

While it may be a no-brainer for some, the looks of a good pipe really can be the most influential aspect to choosing a new one. Although this should not be the only factor to consider, if you don't enjoy the looks of your new pipe, why in the world would you want to use it? Get something you will actually enjoy using. The next aspect is the functionality of the piece. Make sure that it does not contain basic flaws in the shape or pieces that will negatively affect your ability to smoke easily from the pipe. Make sure you buy a pipe without holes, without badly aligned parts and one that has a good varnish. Some of the best and most well known brands in the industry are Peterson, Savinelli, Stanwell, and a few others!

Best Pipe Materials

The materials used are also thought to have a vast effect on the quality of the pipe.  Some of the most common types of materials include clay, meerschaum, briar root and even corn cob. The briar root and meerschaum are probably the most popular and desirable pipe materials. The briar wood usually has some carving or engraving on the pipe, and lends itself as the most attractive option. The finish will not affect the smoking quality, but will affect the smoothness of the exterior and aesthetic value.

Best Pipe Shapes

There are two basic shapes of pipes; the straight and the bent, and there are multiple variations on those two shapes. Each person will have their own preference as to the draw that these shapes allow. The pipe stem is one of the final factors to consider in choosing the best pipe. The fishtail has a horizontal opening on the bit where the smoke is drawn through.  The p-lip has a hole on the end of the bit that draws the smoke away from the tongue and more towards the roof of the mouth to prevent the acrid taste of  burning tobacco.