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Best Smoking Pipe Tobacco

Pipe smokers spend a lot of time tracking down that perfect tobacco pipe so that they get the best experience when they sit down for a smoke. But it is just as important to select the best pipe tobacco as well. The kind of pipe tobacco placed in a pipe will have a profound impact on one's enjoyment of it, and as a result it's vital to find that perfect blend.

Finding Best Tobacco

Finding the best pipe tobacco when you're just beginning to look into the world of pipe smoking is tricky since you may not have that much experience in the process. Start by understanding that the 'drugstore' tobacco blends aren't going to provide the best results in a pipe. These are sold in grocery stores or drugstores and don't have much flavor or personality to them. Similarly, faux pipe tobaccos which are basically roll-your-own cigarette tobaccos aren't going to provide the real experience you need to truly enjoy your pipe.

Pipe Tobacco Quality

In terms of actual, quality pipe tobacco, there are two main options. Non-aromatic traditional blends are just what they sound like. By featuring a mixture of different tobacco types, they provide various qualities that can help highlight the unique sensation of smoking a pipe. Aromatic blends are similar, but are topped off by a natural flavoring like whiskey, amaretto, or some other flavor. Aromatic tobaccos are moister and offer a sweeter, more interesting sensation but for beginners they can be overwhelming. A good, rich, full flavored tobacco is a great one for a beginner.

After experiencing the basics of what a good tobacco is and why pipe smoking is so much more rewarding than other options, the quest for the perfect blend begins. For many smokers this is a never-ending search since so many blends exist to try, and each one offers something different.

Best Smoking Pipe TobaccoPipe Tobacco Sampler Packs

If you're looking for the best way to find the best pipe tobacco, one popular option is to use sampler packs to try several different varieties for a low price. This allows one to quickly and easily add several new blends to their smoking sessions and see which ones work well for them. No matter the method used, there are plenty of great tobaccos out there worth tracking down. With so much more variety and quality than other forms of smoking, it's not hard to see why finding the best pipe tobacco is something that most pipe smokers are always trying to do.