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Best smoking tobacco pipes: What Fits You Best?

There are some tobacco pipe types and makes that vividly stand above the rest. There are a lot of details that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a tobacco pipe, as each tobacco pipe is as unique as its owner. You should only choose a pipe that you feel complements you best, as some shapes and sizes work for some people, whilst different attributes such as weight and style attract others.

Best Smoking Tobacco Pipes Brands

You cannot go wrong with a tobacco pipe that comes from renowned companies, which are Best Smoking Tobacco Pipesan established brand name in the world of pipe-smoking and are recommended to you by TobaccoPipes.com. It’s easy enough to look up the names of these companies here. Some great pipe manufacturing companies include Savinelli, Peterson, Dunhill, Solani, Captain Black and Rainer to name a few. These companies use the best materials and skilled craftsmanship which are instantly apparent once the tobacco pipe comes in use.

Best Smoking Tobacco Pipes Materials

Good tobacco pipes are usually made from Briar wood, which comes from different areas of the Mediterranean, Sardinia and Corsica, which are used by the best tobacco pipe companies to construct their pipes. The best pipes are said to originate out of England, which is regarded by many as the pipe smoking capital of the world. Ireland’s Peterson is not far behind along with Italy’s Savinelli. However tobacco pipes created in France are also excellent and are highly underrated, hence you could be getting a marvelous pipe, at a cost which is well below its actual worth.

Best Smoking Tobacco Pipes Functionality

The physical attributes of a pipe is essential towards its functionality. The mouthpiece (stem) has to perfectly fit with the shank of the pipe, which has to be proportionate to the bowl of the pipe. The ideal tobacco pipe should have even thickness for its bowl, otherwise there are chances of the briar getting burnt as you smoke through the tobacco in the bowl.

The mouthpiece of the pipe is usually made of Vulcanite or Lucite. There are few differences between the two materials, but they are each important in their own right. Vulcanite rests easy against the teeth, and can be shaped thinner than Lucite, which is more comfortable for most pipe smokers. However Vulcanite is quite malleable, so it can be bitten through, or when heated can oxidize overtime. Lucite is harder in texture, but it has a long lifespan so it wouldn’t go dull with age and become brittle and break.

It all depends on what works best for you. Tobacco pipes should be comfortable enough to fit your persona like a glove. And if your tobacco pipe is giving you a comfortable and satisfying smoking experience, then congratulations, you have found your best match.

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