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  • BJLong Soft Live Rubber Pipe Bits

BJLong Soft Live Rubber Pipe Bits

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Product Description

Most smokers clench their pipes. It's something that is a reality of pipe smoking, no matter who you are. Instead of continually hurting your teeth and marking up your pipe, why not put a soft rubber bit over the tip of your pipe stem? This will make your pipe more comfortable and will protect your treasured pipe as well.

Brand: BJ Long

Model: Soft Rubber Pipe Bits

Length: 0.72 in. / 18.33 mm. 

Width: 0.52 in. / 13.41 mm. 

Material: Rubber 

Quantity: 2

Country: USA

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  1. Worth a try

    Posted by on

    If you are a biter, here is your answer.

  2. Great tool

    Posted by on

    It has a good design, nice rubber to bite, elastic and easy to put on the stem

  3. Great

    Posted by on

    I like to clench so these are great. They are large which change the bite characteristics of a bit but for me they are a must have.

  4. Good product

    Posted by on

    These little jewels really do make clinching a pipe more comfortable. They aren't expensive and they perform beautifully. Highly recommended.

  5. I was plus/minus at first...

    Posted by on

    ...but I have come over to the Plus side. They fit perfectly on two of my inexpensive pipes (an HIS rusticated billiard and a no-name smooth bulldog); both nice smokers. I clench while I'm walking or reading at the bus-stop. No nasty rubber taste. They're obviously made from decent quality rubber. I won't use them on all my pipes but I'll definitely stock up on a few more the next time I order.
    1st time ordering from you guys. Your site is very user friendly. I don't order a lot online. I'm very pleased with the service. Thank you.

  6. Great in most pipes

    Posted by on

    I'm a clencher so these little rubber bits are good protection for both my pipe stems and my teeth. Usually they're easy to slip onto the pipe bit and are reasonably durable. Installing one in some pipe stems, however, could be a bit of a chore.

  7. Pipe Bits

    Posted by on

    Somewhat a pain to get on but I guess it makes for a secure fit. The rubber bits took a "bit" to get used to but I am now comfortable with the feel. The bits are odorless and do not interfere with tobacco flavor. Overall a great product.

  8. A bit small

    Posted by on

    Overall I am pleased with the rubber bits. I tried them on three different pipes (falcon bent, Missouri meerschaum, and another whose name escapes me). Though they proved to be tight on two out of three this allowed me to get a good firm grasp without having to try to hard. I did not experience the rubber taste that others have complained about.

  9. Nice and Soft in a Clench

    Posted by on

    Even if I were not a "clencher," I would use these! But I am a clencher. As I see it, these BJLong soft rubber pipe bits are splendid just to aid in comfortably and securely keeping my pipes in the right place in my mouth. Using these little gems are perfect for the health of my teeth, first and foremost.
    Plus they really keep whatever pipe I happen to be smoking at the time securely in place in my mouth exactly where I want it. No slipping and sliding, and no falling out of my mouth!
    Also, they make the whole experience more pleasurable. Instead of my teeth bearing the lifting, these soft pipe bits provide the extra leverage that makes the pipe much more manageable in keeping it in place without effort.
    In addition, you don't end up having your teeth coming into direct contact with the hard bit of your pipe, whether you're pipe bits made of acrylic or vulcanite. So that's never an issue. And they keep the stems nice and clean and hole-free.
    And to top it off, for me at least, I am a clencher -- especially when my mind is elsewhere -- so I use these on all my pipes, and I have more than a few and always looking to find a new pipe. That means I keep a goodly supply of BJLongs on hand because I want them for each and every pipe I'm going to purchase. I always trust TobaccoPipes.com to get my new pipes and my expanding supply of BJLong soft rubber pipe bits. Believe me, these folks are the very, very best you can find! Thanks, team!

  10. Buy these - -

    Posted by on

    First time I've tried something like this to save my bits. I nave my pipe in my mouth a lot of the time while I work and tend to bite the stem, can't tell you how many I've broken or bit through. Once the stem is ruined it's bye bye pipe! These are great to take the pressure off the stem and save my pipes.

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