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The Peterson name is one that is associated with high quality, great-smoking pipes in the pipe world, and most pipe lovers have a Peterson in their collection or at least know of the company. And each year, Peterson releases a few special pipes for serious pipe collectors. One of the 2012 Limited Edition pipes is known as the Peterson Dracula Pipe.

Peterson DraculaCelebration of Dracula

The Peterson Dracula Pipe was released in celebration of Bram Stoker, the author of the famous novel Dracula. Its unique style and finish combine to create a quality pipe that looks as great as it smokes.

It's made from the standard Peterson briar stock that has given thousands of great smokes every year. With a smooth ebony finish and a nickel band that then transfers into the rich, red and black stem, it will look great on any shelf or in any pipe collection. The acrylic fishtail style stem features the gradual curve that gives it a touch of class.

Peterson Dracula Most Talked AboutPeterson Dracula

The Peterson Dracula Pipe is one of the most talked about pipes of the 2012 year and has become highly sought after already. Finding one has become difficult thanks to the demand, and collectors are paying top dollar to track down the last remaining pipes of this style that are left on the shelves.

Not only does it look amazing and really stand out from other pipes in a collection, but the Peterson Dracula also smokes great. With its decently sized bowl made from the briar stock that so many other Petersons are known for, you'll be able to relax and have a smoke that really adds a touch of something special to your experience. It's a combination of ambiance and enjoyment that other pipes won't add.

Get the Peterson Dracula Pipe

If you're in the market for a Peterson Dracula Pipe, you should hurry and get one soon as the sell out quick. There may still be some of these pipes left at TobaccoPipes.com. Don't give up after checking one or two times since new shipments are coming in all the time. Once you find it, grab a copy of the classic Bram Stoker novel and settle in for an evening that is sure to be relaxing and enjoyable. This is one pipe worth adding to any serious pipe collection.

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