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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers

Posted by Chris Hopkins on

Father's Day Gift Ideas

When Father’s Day rolls around, I always think about the time we spent playing baseball together.

When I was just entering middle school I really wanted to play baseball.

Unfortunately, I just wasn’t very good. In little league, I barely played.

The worst part of my game took place at the plate. Even when a pitch was coming right down the middle of the plate, at a slow speed, and right when I wanted it to be thrown, I could hardly hit it.

I’m sure it was painful to watch, especially for a father. Watching your children struggle, as they chase something they want badly, has to be agonizing. My Dad could have encouraged me to choose a different sport, but instead he bolstered my spirits and packed us off to the batting cages.

I never did get any better at baseball, but those trips to the batting cages with Dad remain some of the most treasured memories of my childhood.

My father never complained, or acted like he wanted to be somewhere else.

I wish I could go with him again. It was through moments of love, sacrifice, and joy like those spent playing baseball that my father helped me grow into a man.

My father made many sacrifices to help me become the man I am today, most of them I will never understand. Every year when Father’s Day rolls around, I sit back and think about all that my father sacrificed to give me a great childhood and to set me up for success as an adult.

I’m pretty sure our Father’s Day gift sets won’t be able to measure the commitments of the fathers in your life, no material gift can do that. But what we can offer is a little extra joy for the tobacco pipe smoking dad in your life.

Traditional Father’s Day Gifts

While your favorite dad story may not sound like mine, I hope you’re holding on to your own fond memory as you read this.

If you do a generic internet search for “father’s day gift ideas”, you are probably going to see quite a few good ideas. Some of these traditional gift ideas include: ties, golf clubs, tools, gift cards to his favorite store, or a case of his favorite beer. And while we are not dogging any of these gifts--we have definitely given and received them before--we do think that after a little while they begin to lose their originality.

Traditional dad gifts can become a bit boring, especially if you’ve been picking out gifts for more than a few decades worth of Father’s Days.

This year, why not take a step out of the well-trodden gift world and give dad a new tobacco pipe to enjoy this year.

Father’s Day Pipe Gifts

Each of these gift bundles are great ideas for a dad out there who is a pipe smoker. However each and every dad out there is completely different, so it didn’t make any sense for us to make just one, or even two different gift sets.

The pipe and tobacco gift bundles we have created are each themed around a different hobby that your father may enjoy. Some dads like to go fishing while others prefer to lounge in their study and read a book. Some would rather be burning rubber while others just love sitting down with family.

Choose from one of our themed gift sets:

The “Gear Head Dad” Set

Gear Head Dad Father's Day Gift Set

We have assembled this set to please dads who love their bike, enjoy driving, or just love quality machinery. The Dagner P2 Hooligan Poker,which headlines this bundle, was a motorcycle enthusiast who also happens to love tobacco pipes.

The tobacco blend in the “Gear Head Dad” set is Dan Tobacco’s Midnight Ride, a tobacco blend that shares the same theme with this set. In combination with the pipe and tobacco, we have also included a zipper tobacco pouch and a pack of pipe cleaners.

For the dad who would rather be fishing

Gone Fishing Father's Day Gift Set

This gift set keeps the allure of the great outdoors in mind.. The Savinelli Trevi 320 pipe featured in this set was inspired by a water filled fountain in Rome and holds up well to outdoor adventures.

G.L. Pease’s Key Largo tobacco mixture is an exotic cigar leaf blend, best enjoyed when the smoker is outside on a trail or casting a line out on the lake.

The “Gone Fishing” collection also comes with a lambskin leather pouch and a three-in-one pipe tool, an important accessory for any pipe smoker.

“The Thinker” Pipe Bundle

The Thinker Pipe Bundle

To appeal to the dads out there who are a bit more stoic in their approach to life, we put together “The Thinker” tobacco pipe gift set.

When we think of an intellectual man sitting in his study, we think of him as smoking a long and dynamic tobacco pipe. Churchwarden-style pipes are ideal for reading, because they keep the smoke well away from downcast eyes. That’s why we chose the Savinelli Churchwarden 601 to be in this bundle. Along with this popular Italian pipe, the gift set comes with a pipe rack, a leather pouch, pipe cleaners, and a delicious tin of Mac Baren 7 Seas tobacco.

“The Southern Gentleman” Gift Set

The Southern Gentleman Father's Day Gift Set

Our final Father’s day pipe gift set for 2016 honors the southern man and his family’s famous hospitality. “The Southern Gentleman”, unlike the other three 2016 sets, includes two tobacco pipes: one briar and one cob pipe.

In combination with the two easy smoking pipes, a tin of Autumn Evening pipe tobacco, one of the world’s best selling aromatic pipe tobacco blends, is included. To round out the set, a large group of accessories are included, making it a high valued gift set.

All of our Father’s Day Tobacco Pipe Gift Sets are a great deal. When bought as a set, you receive a 10% discount off of the retail price of the separate items.

Making Father’s Day Special

We want to make sure that this Father’s Day is a memorable one.

Don’t just buy your father a gift, spend time with him if you can. Teach him to Facetime if you can’t be there in person. Give him what he really wants--time with you.

My fond memories at the batting cage are not about baseball. Those moments are treasures because of the time my father spent focused entirely on me.

Just like young children measure love in time, the parents of adult children often do too.

While our pipe collections are special and he will love them, we know that without you it just wouldn’t be the same.

Maybe the best thing you could give your father this year is to sit down and smoke your pipe with him. 

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