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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers (See What "Celebrities" Recommend)

Posted by Renia Carsillo on

Holiday shopping ideas for pipe smokers to make your life easier. 

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers

The holidays are here. It’s time to reach for the smokier blends to fill your  tobacco pipe, pull out our winter coats, and over-indulge in your favorite brown liquor.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or yourself, the holidays are full of opportunities to share a new favorite blend or indulge in a treat. This year we decided to ask some of our friends to help us recommend the perfect gift for your favorite pipe smoker. Our friends share their favorites at every price point.

Pipe Maker Recommendations for Your Holiday Shopping

When you’re choosing a new pipe tobacco or a gift for someone else, it’s a great idea to get a recommendation from someone who’s intimately acquainted with what makes a great smoking experience -- like a pipe maker.

Hekthor Wiebe's Holiday Pipe Favorites

Hekthor Wiebe’s Radiator Pipes took the tobacco pipe world by storm a couple years ago and remain some of our favorite not-so-traditional smokers. He may be innovating the world of pipe smoking, but anyone who knows Hekthor knows he’s a fan of the classics, particularly the well constructed ones. For the 2016 holiday season he recommends:

For your favorite pipe smoker's stocking: The gift On Hekthor's wishlist this year: Our favorite HWiebe Radiator Pipe Combo:
Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake A Kirbi lighter. He says,

These well-constructed lighters are perfect for serious smokers."

Long Bent Pipe Frame with Sandblast bowlKeep close to the classics, but thoroughly modern with this original combo for your Radiator Pipe.
Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Tobacco Kirbi Pipe Lighter Radiator Pipes Stem

Salam Sipes of OMS Pipes Christmas Choices

OMS Pipes: Salam Sipes

You probably know Salam best as One Man Smoke, the godfather of the YouTube pipe community. His deep-dives into the tobacco growing and production process are our favorite way to avoid work in the name of “research” (sshhh...don’t tell Ben). For the 2016 holiday season he recommends:

For your favorite pipe smoker’s stocking: Something Salam Loves: The gift on his wishlist this year: Our Favorite OMS Pipe right now:
Castleford T-Handle Pipe Reamer
Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky Tobacco
Sillem’s Old Boy Lighter

OMS Fieldmaster Cherrywood Poker - When you’re looking to balance practicality and rustic good looks, this pipe is perfect.

Castelford T-Handle Pipe Reemer

Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky

OMS Fieldmaster Poker

Silver Gray Recommends Holiday Favorites

Silver Gray Pipes

Silver Gray is known for her sleek and high-quality craftsmanship. She’s the newest member, and first female pipe maker, of the TobaccoPipes.com family. She has chosen products that are affordable, but stylish choices for displaying and carrying your favorite pipes. 

For your favorite pipe smoker’s stocking: Something Silver Loves: The gift on her wishlist this year: Our favorite Silver Gray pipe right now:
Jobey combo 2 Pipe Bag and Tobacco Pouch
Peterson pipe lighter - silver (of course) Neal Yarm Pipe Stands 

Silver Gray Pipes Eskimo Egg

Jobey 2-Pipe Pouch

Peterson Pipe Lighter

Silver Gray Pipe

Steve LaVoice Suggest Santa-Friendly Deals

Steve LaVoice of OWL Pipes

The artisan pipe maker behind Owl Pipes, Steve LaVoice, has a good handle on what makes a great gift. After all, each of his hand-carved tobacco pipes comes complete with a hand-stained gift box and surprises. Steve’s favorites this year are:

For your favorite pipe smoker’s stocking:

Something Steve Loves:

The gift on his wishlist this year:

Our Favorite OWL Pipe gift set right now:

Frog Morton Pipe Tobacco. Steve says,
"Who doesn’t love getting tobacco for Christmas?"
Chacom Sandblast Canadian. Steve recently acquired one of these from a good friend and says it's an amazing smoke with a classic style. " The Thinker Gift Set", because it has everything a pipe smoker could possibly want.

"The Riviera" Tobacco Pipe Gift Set

Frog Morton Pipe Tobacco Set

The Thinker Savinelli Gift Set

2016 Holiday Gift Sets for Pipe Collectors

This year’s holiday gift sets feature some of our best-selling items as well as a few hard-to-find collectibles. Most of our regular sets will still be available as well. New for 2016 are:

Falcon Weekender Gift Set

Falcon Weekender Gift Set

Falcon pipes are some of our most popular everyday pipes. The Weekender gift set is perfect for a long weekend getaway, or to start building your 7-day set. This gift set includes:

  • Two of our most popular Falcon bowls,
  • An easy-to-clinch dental bit stem,
  • One tin of scrumptious Cult Blood Red Moon tobacco,
  • Pipe cleaners and a TobaccoPipes.com sleeve.

Last year’s Falcon Gift Set sold out weeks before Christmas, so we recommend purchasing this set early.

Savinelli St. Nicholas Trio Tobacco Pipes Set

Savinelli St. Nicholas Trio Gift Set

The Savinelli St. Nicholas Pipes are favorites of pipe collectors in many countries. Many of our customers create sets for these lines, collecting a favored shape each year. To help new collectors get started, we’ve put this gift set together. This set features one popular shape from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 St. Nicholas finishes. Quantities are extremely limited for the St. Nicholas Pipes Trio and once they are gone, they will never be back again. The pipes included are:

  • Savinelli St. Nicholas 2014 in the 106 shape,
  • Savinelli St. Nicholas 2015 in the 207 shape,
  • Savinelli St. Nicholas 2016 in the 626 shape.

Kick-start your favorite pipe smoker’s holiday collection from one of the most famous brands in the world.

Peterson St. Patrick’s Day Gift Set

Peterson St. Patrick's Day Gift Set

For 2016, we found the Peterson St. Patrick’s Day Pipes to be a classic and highly collectible choice. This Irish tradition has become almost as popular among pipe smokers as green-tinged beer is among American college students. We approve of both traditions, whether or not they are strictly authentic. For the 2016 holiday season, we’ve put together a special St. Patrick's Day set which includes:

  • Peterson 01 Bent Pot Pipe,
  • Limited Edition 2016 St. Patrick’s Day pipe tobacco,
  • Handsome Peterson pouch.

All of our holiday gift sets are 10% off the price of purchasing each item separately. It’s a wonderful way to enhance a pipe collection and save money too.

All of our holiday gift sets are 10% off the price of purchasing each item separately. It’s a wonderful way to enhance a pipe collection and save money too.

Now that you’re ready to shop for the holidays, why not enter to win your own harvest of holiday cheer? Enter to win an OWL Pipes custom made “The Pipe of Festivities” by taking one (or all) of the actions below... 

Owl Pipes "The Pipe of Festivities" Giveaway

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