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Dr. Grabow Models and Finishes - #1 US Manufactured Selling Pipes

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Often times we forget about the great little company in Sparta, NC. Dr. Grabow has TONS of history in the pipe world. Their pipes are extremely affordable and all are offered in smooth and rustic. Below we put together a cheat sheet of all their models and finishes.

Dr. Grabow Models and Finishes - #1 US Manufactured Selling Pipes

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Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2017 Pipes - SHIPPING NOW!!

We are excited to announce the 2017 Peterson St. Patrick's Day Pipes! For 2017 Peterson went back to the green finish and added a beautiful hand crafted nickel band. The have a lot of shapes available this year so we are sure you will find one that fits you best! Share this Image On Your SitePlease [...]

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Peterson Pipes in 10 Steps (+ Awesome History by Mark Irwin)

Mark Irwin is a middle school English teacher by day. By night, he and co-author Gary Malmberg are the unofficial Peterson Pipes historians and archivists. For several years, he’s been hard at work on a book documenting the famous company’s stories.Irwin has spent six years compiling hundreds of photographs, catalogs, records and other materials from [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers (See What "Celebrities" Recommend)

Holiday shopping ideas for pipe smokers to make your life easier.  The holidays are here. It’s time to reach for the smokier blends to fill your  tobacco pipe, pull out our winter coats, and over-indulge in your favorite brown liquor. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or yourself, the holidays are full of opportunities to share a [...]

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Introducing Silver Gray Pipes: An artist and her process [Interview]

Silver Gray Pipes are an exciting addition to our site. Particularly for me. Silver Gray is the first female pipe maker to join our TobaccoPipes.com family.I’ve been interviewing pipe makers and collectors on this site for three years now. Every interview is unique. But one thing is always the same: The moment when someone [...]

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Pipe Collector Daniel Billings: His favorite awesome smokes

An Asheville native and his tobacco pipeDaniel Billings was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. You can hear how much he loves the place in his voice. It’s a good place to be a tobacco pipe smoker. There’s a local B&M, plenty of community, and a never-ending array of outdoor spaces to explore. Last [...]

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Tobacco Pipe Collector Eric Chilton's shares his fascinating story

Today’s Forecast? Nostalgia on the horizon.Eric Chilton is a family man, a musician, a loveable on-air personality and of course a pipe smoker. What most struck me about Eric is his connection to a piece of Americana all but forgotten to most of us.Chilton was born in the town that inspired the fictional Mayberry. He [...]

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Artisan Pipe Maker Steve Morrisette talks ugly truths + gorgeous briar

 Living against the tide, an interview with Steve MorrisetteSteve Morrisette says he sometimes feels like he is moving against the tide. In many ways that might be true, but I think it’s people like him who are forcing the tide to turn instead.Morrisette has worked as a professional drummer, photographer, and writer. He's been an artist [...]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers (Finish shopping fast)

When Father’s Day rolls around, I always think about the time we spent playing baseball together.When I was just entering middle school I really wanted to play baseball. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t very good. In little league, I barely played.The worst part of my game took place at the plate. Even when a pitch was [...]

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Rattray’s Pipes History (#1 Past & Innovative Future)

Rattray’s HistoryRattray’s historical past begins in the year 1880, when Charles Rattray was born. Charles was a proud man of Scotland. He spent his early years studying the art of fine tobacco blending in Dundee, Scotland.Rattray’s begins in PerthCharles took a leap of faith at the vulnerable age of 23 that forever changed his [...]

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