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4th Generation Pipes: Celebrating the Stokkebye Legacy

What family name do you most associate with tobacco?Did you answer Stokkebye?You’re not alone. Most of us would.The Stokkebyes have been integral to the tobacco market for well over a century. Odds are pretty good that every tobacco shop in the western world has at least one of their blends in stock.The current “overseer” [...]

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Introducing Morgan Pipes: Get to know Chris Morgan [Interview]

Hop into the future of pipe smoking with Morgan PipesChris Morgan is a veteran tobacco pipe maker and a young artisan creator. It’s a combination of the traditional and new ideas that leaves you wondering what might be next.Morgan Pipes are well known in the American market. But Chris Morgan the man is something of [...]

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Introducing OMS Pipes: Salam Sipes makes useful smoking pipes

If you’ve ever smoked a pipe while watching Youtube videos, you’ve probably heard of OMS Pipes founder, Salam Sipes.Salam, better known as OneManSmoke, created a new genre. In the fast-growing early days of Youtube personalities, Salam’s authentic and entertaining way of making videos planted the seeds for an online pipe community that is vibrant, growing [...]

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Holiday Shopping Guide for Pipe Smokers (12+ Easy Gift Ideas)

Shopping for your loved ones is a roller coaster of emotion. You can quickly go from being clueless about what they would like to experiencing the joy of knowing you chose the right gift. In the end, nothing compares to seeing their joy when opening up your gift.The odds are if you clicked on our [...]

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Dagner Pipes: Jayson Dagner's incredible story [Interview]

The thing you have to understand about Jayson Dagner, founder and designer behind Dagner Pipes, is that he never really stops. Whether he’s out on the asphalt practicing his favorite form of meditation--skateboarding--or video chatting with his Italian manufacturers (as he was when I interrupted him for our interview), he is always, in pursuit of [...]

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Meet Brandon Brooks of B2 Pipes: Rock'n'Roll Meets Sexy Smoking Pipes

 Photograph by Jackalyn HerronBrandon Brooks refers to the tight-knit community of pipe makers at Briar Lab as “The Justice League” and his place among them as sort of like “Batman”. It is an apt introduction to a slightly-below-the radar carver. You may not know his name, but you’ve almost certainly seen his work if you [...]

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How to Ream Tobacco Pipes + When to be careful (12 tips)

Brian Levine, Phd DOP (Doctor of Pipes), said it best on the Pipes Magazine Radio Show, “Reaming your tobacco pipes is a necessary evil.”We all know how hard it is to build up that cake of carbon in your tobacco pipe. It might have happened over a few years or hundreds of bowls of tobacco. [...]

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Joe Case leads a wave of exciting Southern pipe makers [Interview]

We don’t have to tell you who Joe Case is. If you follow the pulse of the tobacco pipe world online, you’ve probably heard of Joe Case Pipes. An early personality in the YouTube pipe world, Joe uses his savvy marketing skills--learned during a 40-year history in media--to showcase his skills as a carver.I sat [...]

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10 Famous Pipe Smokers #4: Politicians you should study more

Politicians, both well known and slightly obscure, are far more likely than the average guy to turn to a pipe for relaxation and stress-relief. In th3 fourth of our continuing series on famous pipe smokers we catalog ten notable pipe smoking politicians. If you missed the first three installments, find our lists here:  Famous Pipe Smoking [...]

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Paul’s Pipes Hangout: Fun smokes + useful tips [Video Interview]

In my first interview with artisan pipe maker, Paul Menard, I called him something of a Renaissance man. Watch this interview and you will see it too. Paul talks vinyls, fly fishing and more than a little about making smoking pipes in this hour-long hangout with chat with our founder, Ben Atanat.Highlights from Paul’s interview: Within [...]

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