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Elegant BC Petite Tobacco Pipes

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Metz is a beautiful city in North East of France where two rivers meet. This splendid city not only houses one of the oldest and the most magnificent churches in the world -Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains basilica, but also is home to the world renowned pipe maker - Butz Choquin. By the ardent admirers of the Butz Choquin pipes, they are made here are described as nothing short of exquisite.

A Peep into the History of these Petite Pipes

Jean- Baptiste Choquin and his son in law Gutzav Butz created the first of the Butz Choquin pipes in 1858. Ever since then, there has been no looking back for them. Known for their briar pipes, the company now creates a large collection of 70 series of pipes. Some of the Butz Choquins pipes are very affordable and are available in all parts the world. The Butz Choquin Petite tobacco pipes are also known as Churchwarden pipes which essentially are long stemmed and produce smoke which is cooler. Churchwarden pipes were famous in Europe since the 17th century.


Butz Choquin Petite

The Famous Butz Choquin Petite pipes are White Barrel, White Dublin, Black Barrel, Black Dublin, Red Barrel and Red Dublin to name a few. These are from Churchwarden collection, which is perfect for anybody who is looking to have a very elegant but a quick smoke that won’t consume a lot of time. These petite pipes are smaller versions of the churchwardens and are designed for all the ladies who indulge in this classy yet very feminine habit. The classic white, black and red colors add to the aesthetic essence of these pipes. These French pipes come with stems fitted with metallic filters which are washable.

Ladies’ Favorite

The petite pipe collection is immensely popular among ladies because of all the above mentioned qualities along with being portable and very easy to handle. The perfect bend of the stem and the stability of the base make these miniature versions of the churchwarden pipes just as brilliant as the larger ones. The choices available in both barrel and Dublin types help in availing the type which is preferable to you. Thus one need not have to compromise on the style that they are comfortable with.

The French pipe makers are now revered across the globe for their brilliant craftsmanship and understanding of pipe making. With women power gaining more meaning in today’s world, collection of pipes and smoking them is no longer dominated by men alone. Right from the times of Queen Victoria smoking and pipe collection has come to become a popular hobby of many women across the world. Many pipe clubs are spread in all parts of the world which are exclusive to women kind. Many esteemed members of these clubs have approved and recommended these new age light weight and elegant pipes. Having found the approval of the smoking matriarch, these pipes are sure to gain the admiration that they truly deserve.

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