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Learn about Peterson Kenmare Pipes

Posted by Renia Carsillo on

Peterson tobacco pipes have a long and celebrated history. The Kenmare series was specifically designed to pay tribute to the brand’s story, over a 125 years old when this series was first released.

Peterson Kenmare Characteristics

The smoking pipes in the Kenmare series are ringless. Giving each a distinctly smooth transition between shank and stem. Each one is carefully finished with a glossy chestnut stain.

All pipes in the Kenmare series are made of briar with a vulcanite stem. Of course, each pipe is imprinted with the classic Peterson “P” at the stem’s base and imprinted with “Peterson of Dublin” on the side.

Popular Peterson Kenmare Models

The Kenmare series comes in all seven classic Peterson shapes. Whether you’re looking for a Calabash, Author, Bent Brandy or Bulldog, you’ll find it in this series. Unpretentious, made of classic shapes with only a smidge of additional artistic license, the Kenmare pipes will never go out of style. These are a few favorites:

Peterson Kenmare Calabash

A Calabash with whimsy

The Peterson Kenmare 05 is a striking Calabash. The long, waist-like bowl and nearly ninety degree bent stem stylishly interpret the classic lines of this shape.

The pipe measures 5.42 inches in length and 1.91 inches in height. It has a bowl depth of almost two inches and it’s light weight makes it a pleasant pipe for gripping or even hanging from the lip.

Bulldog at its best

Peterson Kenmare Bulldog

The Peterson Kenmare 150 is a unique piece. This pipe is bulldog shaped, and measures 5.76 inches long by 1.79 inches high. It features a stout, rounded bowl and straight stem. The feel of the pipe is light, but the look is solid--just like a bulldog should be.

An understated Author shape

The Kenmare 408 is a sleek and simple author. The bowl is less stout than the 150 and features a slight bend in the stem. The 408 is 5.91 inches long and 1.70 inches high. Featuring the Peterson Dry System, like all other Kenmares, it’s a cool-smoking pipe.

No matter which pipe you choose, you’re going to enjoy celebrating Peterson History with the Peterson Kenmare Series.

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