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Brebbia Pipes – Crafted in the Heart of Italy for More than 60 Years

BrebbiaBrebbia pipes are enjoyed by tobacco smokers around the world, but many are unaware of the brand’s unique history. Did you know that the company actually started as an offshoot of the Savinelli brand? More than 60 years ago, a member of the Savinelli family teamed with his cousin, Enea Buzzi, to begin producing these world renowned pipes in a factory located in Brebbia, Italy. Today, the company’s factory is one of the oldest in all of Italy, and produces about 35,000 pipes each year.

Brebbia manufactures its pipes out of air-cured briar wood, which is naturally sweetened, slowly dried, and specially seasoned thanks to the area’s high humidity. But the uniqueness of the company’s pipes doesn’t stop there. For instance, Brebbia pipes:

  • Are produced using a combination of machine and hand work. In fact, the company has used the same machines for the last 60 years.
  • Feature mouthpieces that are shaped to perfectly fit inside the mouth. This creates a smoke passage that virtually eliminates gurgling.
  • Are finished using plant-based stains and other safe and natural products.

When properly cared for, these high-end pipes can last a lifetime, which undoubtedly speaks to the company’s incredible manufacturing process.

If you’d like more information about Brebbia pipes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also turn to us if you’d like to learn about a particular Peterson pipe, Savinelli pipe, or a tobacco pipe manufactured by just about any other brand.