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Butz Choquin Arabesque Tobacco Pipes

If you happen to be a pipe smoking enthusiast who has ever read up on smoking pipes then you surely must have heard about the Butz Choquin pipes. These glorious pipes started as a single pipe called the Choquin pipe in 1858. The original curved Choquin pipe featured a real albatross bone stem, a silver ring to hold the pipe's body and a flat bottomed hearth.

Butz Choquin Arabesque Tobacco PipesBC History

The Butz Choquin history begins with tobacconist Jean-Baptiste, located in Metz France. Jean Baptiste along with his son-in-law Gustav Butz formed the Butz Choquin tobacco pipe making company. The company was known straight away for its forward thinking pipe designs. This forward thinking became a signature of the company that would remain with it for the years to come. In 1951, after almost one hundred years of business in the original Metz location, the Butz-Choquin name was bought by the Berrod-Regard company. The Berrod-Regard company was situated in the Saint Claude, in the Haut Jura Mountains. Saint Claude was considered the world capital of the briar tobacco pipe. The Berrod-Regard company was the right fit for the Butz-Choquin name because it further carried its legacy of ahead-of-time thinking in tobacco pipe design.

The Butz-Choquin line (Berrod-Regard purchased the name in 1951) has become known internationally since the time of its origin for its quality of its pipes and its flair for the unusual. The flair for the unique started in 1963 when Claude Berrod (father of the current president Jean-Paul Berrod) started experimentation with new and unique pipe shapes and designs. During those times it was considered revolutionary for a French carver to experiment with new designs and shapes because the French were very faithful to the traditional shapes and designs of tobacco pipes. Ironically, or perhaps not, now France has become famous in the pipe manufacturing world for its unique and beautiful designs.

Most of the Butz-Choquin pipes are machine cut and sanded and finished by hand from Croatian or Moroccan briar. On a average a single Butz-Choquin tobacco pipes goes through 70 steps, from a block of brair to the finished product. The Butz-Choquin company uses high quality brair for their pipes that are finished by highly skilled and experienced craftsman. It is said that the average craftsman in the Butz-Choquin manufacturing company has an experience of about 10 years. This speaks volume about the quality and standard of the company and their product.

BC ArabesqueBC Arabesque 1601 Tobacco Pipe

Arabesque art, by its very nature is highly decorative, almost completely non-figurative, and has a high esthetic value that attracts instant attention, as seen on the Butz-Choquin Arabesque tobacco pipe.The BC Arabesque tobacco pipe is one a kind. The spacious bowl of the Butz-Choquin bowl is made from the best quality briar available. The bowl also features arabesque style carving with its traditional rhythmic linear pattern of interlacing tendrils. The bowl is attached to the artfully crafted acrylic stem by a silver lining. The arabesque motif continues from the bowl to the stem.

The highly aesthetic and beautifully designed Butz-Choquin Arabesque is worthy one a place in every smoker’s collection.

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