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Causes of Tobacco Pipe Gurgle

Smoking a tobacco pipe is supposed to be a calming, relaxing experience that allows one to enjoy a few moments of peace in the midst of – or at the end of – a long and busy day. But sometimes things can cause a bit of concern during a smoking session, and a gurgling pipe is certainly one of them. Smoking from a tobacco pipe and hearing a 'gurgling' sound isn't as rare as one may think, and there are actually numerous causes of the issue. Learning more about them will help one understand why it's happening and what to do about it.

Difference Gurgle Causes

  • Moist Tobacco – Simply put, very moist tobacco will usually gurgle because as it Causes of Tobacco Pipe Gurgleburns moisture will build up in the heel of the pipe. Letting the tobacco dry for a bit will help.


  • Saliva – When you smoke, your body's natural response is salivation. Sometimes this can collect in the pipe stem and create the gurgling sound. The key here is to keep one's tongue away from the mouthpiece when smoking and to try not to let one's mouth become too moist during a smoke.


  • Smoking Too Fast – Smoking too fast produces excess water vapor which condensates into the shank and stem and collects in the heel of the pipe. It's bad form to smoke too quickly anyway, and if gurgling is occurring it could be a sign that it's time to slow down, relax, and savor the smoking experience.


  • Partially Smoked Bowl – On occasion, only smoking part of a bowl and then leaving it to cool for a period of time can cause the tobacco to condensate and trigger the same kind of buildup of moisture that smoking too fast will cause. If you frequently smoke only a part of your bowl in one sitting and then finish it later, running a pipe cleaner down the stem before you finish the bowl is a good idea.


  • Pipe Not Broken In – Briar pipes must be broken in before they're used, and smoking a pipe that hasn't been fully broken in will often cause gurgling to occur. When you break in the pipe, smoke slowly to let the cake build up properly.


  • Bad Pipe – Sometimes, a pipe just isn't made properly. Numerous problems can occur within the construction of a pipe that may cause gurgling, and in these cases there's very little that one can do to alleviate the issue. You may find that just one of your tobacco pipes always gurgles no matter what.