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Cheapest Peterson Pipe Is Peterson Tankard

Every tobacco pipe maker tries to have a line of pipes that are affordable for everyone. The Peterson Pipe Company has been in the business of making quality pieces for a long time now, but it has learned over the years that an economy pipe is often a good seller. The cheapest pipe in their catalog is the Peterson Tankard. But a low price does not mean that the pipe is also low quality.

Peterson Reputation

Anyone familiar with the work of the Peterson Company knows that it is very protective of its reputation for making some of the finest pipes in the world. When people want to buy a high quality pipe that they will be using on a regular basis, most go for the Peterson models. Not everyone can afford to put a lot of money into a pipe, which is why Peterson created the Tankard line. The Tankard collection consists of the Smooth, Rustic and Ebony pipes. They are all quality products at economy prices.

Peterson P-Lip

The stem that is in the highest demand is the P-Lip stem, and that is why all three Tankard pipes come equipped with the P-Lip stem on them. The Tankard line gets its name from the shape of the bowl. When you look at this line of pipes, you will notice that the bowl is shaped like the kind of tankard filled with ale that you would get in a pub. This kind of design allows the customer to pack more tobacco in the pipe and to offer more smoking pleasure.

Cheapest Peterson Pipe Is Peterson Tankard SmoothPeterson Tankard Smooth

The Tankard Smooth has a bowl made of briar and a stem made of vulcanite. It gets its name from the smooth exterior of the bowl. Despite the fact that this is an economy pipe, Peterson still puts the same marking on the Tankard line that it does on the others. The white “P” is on the stem and the polished steel ring is found where the bowl meets the stem.

Peterson Tankard Rustic Cheapest Peterson Pipe Is Peterson Tankard Rustic

The Tankard Rustic is the same design as the Smooth except for the rough exterior of the bowl. It is the classic feel of a pipe with a rural theme to it. The Ebony is similar to the Smooth, but with a sleek, black color to it. The entire line of Tankard pipes is worth checking out regardless as to what your budget is. These are pipes that can be used every day by anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing smoke.

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