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Christmas Tobacco Pipe

Choosing a Tobacco Pipe as a Christmas Gift

Are you considering a tobacco pipe for Christmas for someone you care about this holiday season? The tobacco pipe is a classic gift that speaks to a simpler time. There's no better way to help a "man's man" complete his gentlemanly image than to provide him with a high quality pipe. Why? It might seem to you that smoking is just smoking, and when it comes to ordinary cigarettes you may be right. But smoking a pipe is something different -- an art form and a time of deep reflection for those gentlemen who enjoy it. This is why a great pipe is required.

Naturally, you should never purchase a pipe for someone you aren't sure is a smoker. If a man smokes, but prefers cigars or other non-pipe alternatives, then a Christmas tobacco pipe is probably only appropriate if he has made it clear he is interested in getting started in the world of pipes. There's a great deal to know about the appropriate use of pipes, so a starter kit including a short book on the subject may be a wonderful idea. When you choose a pipe, you're entering a completely new world of different styles, sizes and tobaccos, free of many additives.

A Christmas tobacco pipe should always come with some form of tobacco for the gift getter to enjoy. In fact, there are a number of other accessories that you might consider getting, such as a tobacco tin, tobacco pouch, or a pipe rack. When someone chooses to smoke a pipe, they are choosing to take ownership over every aspect of their smoking hobby, including exactly when, where and how they smoke. As a result, you'll have to know someone well in order to get the right pipe for them. However, if it is a first pipe, there is really no wrong answer.

When someone is just beginning with their pipe, they have no preconceived notions about the type of Christmas tobacco pipe they might want. This allows you to choose a style that you feel matches the personality and behavior of your intended recipient. Many wonderful pipes are made abroad, such as the famous Savinelli pipes and the Peterson pipes made in Ireland. For a proud American, there are great options like the Dr. Grabow pipes from North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Many brands have been creating pipes for more than a hundred or even two hundred years, and have great reputations.