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Civil War Reenactment Pipes

Just about everyone knows that pipes are a time-honored way of enjoying tobaccoCivil War Reenactment Pipes whenever an individual is taking a moment to relax or spend time with friends. A lot of people, however, might be surprised to find just how popular pipes were even during some of the most epic battles of our history. For example, pipes could be found in every battle in the Civil War and were used by everyone from the lowliest foot soldiers to the commanding officers. Whether an individual is looking to take their Civil War reenactment to the next level by having an accurate reproduction of a Civil War clay pipe or simply wants to own a device that would've been at home on the battlefield over a century ago, reenactment pipes are a unique addition to anyone's collection.

Civil War Replica

Depending on how much money an individual is willing to spend and whether or not they want to actually use the pipe that they purchase, there are a number of different Civil War reenactment pipes available. Many of these pipes are made from clay, but there are also those made from wood and even iron. Because there were so many different styles of pipes in use during that particular time in our history, there is a surprising variety of reproductions that are available today.

A person who actually wants to enjoy their favorite blend of tobacco out of one of these historical pipes will want to take a little time understanding exactly how best to break them in and care for them. Because of the material used, clay pipes simply do not stand the test of time the way that other materials do. The constant heating and the moisture that comes from burning the tobacco have a tendency to eventually wear the clay unit down until it is no longer usable. Although they do provide a unique experience, most collectors keep these units for display only or use them only rarely.

Civil War Iron Pipes

An iron pipe is much more durable, but is not as pleasant in the minds of most smokers. While they are easier to care for, they are not generally as beautiful to look at as a handcrafted wooden unit. Wooden pipes designed to mimic the ones used by Civil War soldiers can be cared for in much the same way as most modern pipes and are sure to become a favorite in the collection of any pipe aficionado.

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