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Clay Pipes

Pipe smoking is an indulgence that has been in popular style for a long time. Clay pipes are an early type of tobacco pipe. These pipes can be used for smoking several times before leaning is needed. They are known to burn slowly and, in many cases, have beautiful designs. Clay tobacco pipes have been used for a very long time as an inexpensive and easily available way to enjoy tobacco smoking.

Clay Pipe PopularityClay Pipe

For hundreds of years, this type of tobacco pipe was popular in Europe and North America due to its accessibility. Clay pipes were easy to manufacture, but they were also fragile. Many people that smoke pipes use this type of pipe, and it comes in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Although these pipes are fragile, they can be molded easily during the production process and do not alter the tobacco's flavor when they're used for smoking. There are different types of clay tobacco pipes that are available.

Clay Churwarden

Churchwardens is a type of clay pipe that is easily recognized by the length of its pipe stem. It is often made with clay. This pipe has a long, slender stem and the stem connects to the bowl of the pipe. Some church warden pipes have stem that may be up to one foot in length. Because clay material is fragile, clay pipes are must be protected during transportation. Many smokers actually keep them well protected in a safe place and take them when they want to smoke.

Clay Little Ladle Pipe

Another type of clay tobacco pipe is known as Little Ladle. This is type of tobacco pipe was popular around the 19th century and was usually used by the common people. Clay pipes of this type had a small bowl and also a short stem which made smoking with them easy. They were usually decorated before the clay was fired. Little Ladle tobacco pipes can often be re-fired in order to fix parts that get broken or cracked.

Giant Clay PipesGiant Clay Pipes

Giant Clay Pipes are also another type of clay tobacco pipes. These pipes are over-sized and well-carved, and they bear the likenesses of African tribesmen, Santa Claus or grinning Irishmen, and also scenes from history. Giant clay tobacco pipes have stems that are usually thick, which supports the weight of the bowel. Because of the size and shape of these pipes they are often held like a cup. They are often used mainly for rather than practical smoking pipes.

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