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Cleaning Peterson System Pipes

The tobacco pipe world is filled with a wide range of different types of pipes, and most agree that finding the right one for you is one of the single most important aspects of getting a smoking experience that you will enjoy. Peterson pipes are known for their high quality and also for their patented Peterson System. Basically, this system involves a unique chambered system that removes the moisture from the smoke before it passes Cleaning Peterson System Pipesthrough the stem. It provides an incredibly dry smoke, helps reduce stem clogging, and also reduces gurgling. It's a popular system and one that has helped Peterson become one of the most preferred pipe brands on the market. However, cleaning a Peterson system pipe is trickier than other models.

Using a Pipe Cleaner

The reason for this is obvious. You can't simply pass a pipe cleaner through the stem and into the chamber to remove the clogged buildup. The unique design removes moisture, but that moisture does build up in the chamber designed to capture it. At first glance it seems to be a difficult process to clean, but really it's not that much more difficult than any other pipe.

Take System Pipe Apart

Start by removing the stem by unscrewing it with gentle outward pressure. With it removed you can easily pass a pipe cleaner through the stem of the tobacco pipe and remove what little buildup there is likely to be there. Then you'll need to move on to the actual chambers.

There are two options for cleaning out the chamber, also called the 'smoke channel'. This channel lies between the bowl and the shank, and the first method is to simply use a bent pipe cleaner to clean out the chamber properly. The second option is to use a Q-tip to remove the buildup. Either option works well, and the process takes just a few seconds to complete.

Clean After Pipe is Rested

Always clean the pipe only after it has dried and rested for a couple of days after a good smoke. And in the event that a total cleaning takes place, whether being cleaned in water or in something like rum or brandy, the pipe will certainly have to be dried completely before the next use. Leave it disassembled and let it dry after cleaning it out. This way you'll be able to avoid damaging the tobacco pipe during any subsequent smokes.

The Peterson system offers a great smoking experience, and with just a little bit of effort it's easy to clean out the pipe and keep it working great for years to come. 

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