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Savinelli Convertible Balsa

When you hear the word “Balsa”, your first thought is probably not about pipes. However, Balsa wood has several benefits when it comes to use in a pipe, as it is in the Savinelli Convertible Balsa System. The properties of Balsa wood make it ideal for use in pipes. Balsa wood is naturally porous, which allows it to absorb the majority of the moisture and smoke impurities from your tobacco without the need to use any chemical elements or artificial filters. It also has the advantage of not altering the aroma or flavor of the pipe tobacco in the process.

One of the other benefits of using Balsa wood is that it is surprisingly effective at dispersing heat. This gives the added benefit of drastically reducing the chances of tongue bite occurring, no matter how hard or how quickly the pipe is smoked.  The Savinelli Convertible Balsa System is a custom designed pipe system that incorporates a small triangular or plus shaped Balsa wood filter. The Balsa wood filter is inserted into the custom designed tenon, which is the part of the stem that is inserted into the shank. Once inserted and assembled, the filter will function, on average, for two to three regular smoking sessions.

Yet another benefit of the Balsa wood filter is the level of toxin and impurity reduction. According to tests by the EURATOM Research Center of Ispra, Italy and by Chemical & Environmental Technology Inc. Research Center in Cary, North Carolina, the filter has the ability to absorb up to 77% of the nicotine and 91% of the tar contained in the pipe tobacco without altering the flavor. This makes the Savinelli Convertible Balsa System ideal for those who wish to cut down on their nicotine or tar intake without sacrificing the flavor and enjoyment of pipe smoking.

For those who may not wish to commit to smoking a pipe with the Balsa wood filters, the Savinelli Convertible Balsa System gives you the option to use the pipe without the filters inserted. In the place of the filter, an adapter can be inserted into the tenon which would allow you to smoke the way that you would with any other pipe. That is where the convertible part comes in. Whether you are an experienced pipe smoker, or you are just beginning your journey into the pipe culture, the Savinelli Balsa System is a good choice, because it has the quality of the Savinelli name behind it. 

Savinelli Convertible