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Difference in cost of tobacco pipes.

The cost of tobacco pipes have a wide range of cost. You may purchase a Dr Grabow that starts around $30.00 to a Savinelli or Peterson tobacco pipe which could run you much more. The difference in these pipes vary depending on make and model. If you are a beginner you may want to start with a Dr Grabow tobacco pipe and some decent mild tobacco. A mild tobacco will have less of a bite to start with. This would be your least expensive way of learning how to smoke and care for your tobacco pipe.

Dr Grabow are known for being a cheaper and possibly less quality tobacco pipe with more fillers.

Savinelli and Peterson tobacco pipes are known for a better quality and unique filter systems. The Savinelli uses the Basla system. Peterson uses the Dry System. Therefore, each of these pipes have different stems, which you may order in different styles too.

There are also even cheaper tobacco pipes on the market such as a cob pipe. Other pipe types may be clay, ceramic, glass, meerschaum, metal, gourd, stone, and wood.

Make sure to try different make and models of tobacco pipes. Each of them smoke differently and will have a different taste. It is important to make sure you enjoy the taste and flavor of the tobacco to leave you with an enjoyable smoking experience.