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Different Peterson Donegal Rocky Styles

There are numerous tobacco pipes out there today, and finding the perfect one is often a challenge. Most tobacco pipe smokers know that having an assortment of pipes in their collection is the key to truly enjoying their smoking sessions. Rotating pipes keeps them working properly, protected from damage, and helps you experience different types of smoking sessions each time you smoke. The Peterson Donegal Rocky style of pipe is a popular one and one that is affordable. They're designed to provide the perfect combination of elegance, quality, and overall value.

Different Peterson Donegal Rocky StylesDonegal Rocky Perfection

The Peterson Donegal Rocky is carved to perfection and includes a sterling silver mount that lets one know just what it is. There are several different styles available in the line, each of which comes with either a Peterson lip or a fishtail mouthpiece and a classic 'rustic' style finish.

The beauty of the Donegal Rocky style is that there are bowl shapes and sizes to match any particular taste. For instance, you'll be able to find pipes in all of the following styles:

  • Zulu
  • Billiard
  • Volcano
  • Apple
  • Author
  • Tankard


As well as many others. To start finding the right one for you, begin by thinking about the shape you're interested in. You can easily do this by just taking a look at some of the images online or by finding a specific style if you have one in mind.

Donegal Rocky Bit

Once you figure out the shape, the next consideration you'll have to make will be the mouthpiece. You can choose from the famous Peterson P-Lip or the traditional fishtail style. Both are good options, and it's really a matter of personal preference as to which one you choose.

You won't be able to select a finish since the Donegal Rocky line is a rustic finish only type collection, but aside from that the choices really are impressive. Virtually every shape and style of pipe is represented in this collection, and no matter what your favorite shape is you'll be able to find it.

If you've never smoked from a particular shape of tobacco pipe before, the Donegal Rocky line from Peterson Pipe is a great place to start since they're among the most affordable quality pipes on the market. Spend some time looking at the different options and comparing the overall size and shape of your choices. You'll be able to track down the kind of pipe that works right for you with relative ease. 

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