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Different Peterson Irish Sea Styles

The great thing about tobacco pipe styles is that there are companies which have been creating unique looks for years that have become treasured by collectors and smokers alike. The Peterson Pipe Company has been in business long enough to know what appeals to its customers and what its customers consider to be collector’s items. Anytime that Peterson can mix in a bit of its Irish heritage into its products, then those are the products that become popular. The Peterson Irish Sea line of pipes is one line that customers have been buying for a long time.

Different Peterson Irish Sea StylesGreen Irish Sea

It is said that green is the color of the Irish Isles for many different reasons. The countryside in Ireland offers more green than any other part of the world, and the sea that crashes up against the cliffs around Ireland is also said to be a particular shade of green as well. In the Irish Sea collection, Peterson captures that green and brings it to anyone who feels the need to relax with a smoke from Ireland itself.

The green hue to the line of Irish Sea pipes comes from Peterson’s unique drying style. All of the pipes are made from the same briar wood that every other Peterson pipe is made from, but that special green tint is part of the Peterson magic. The Irish Sea 03 model would be considered the classic as it has the comfortable small, rounded bowl that Peterson has made famous over the years. Its small size and rounded design make this a very popular pipe.

Irish Sea Bowl

Some people like the feel of a high-brimmed bowl in their hands, and that is why Peterson developed the Irish Sea 69 and B10 models. The 69 design is a tankard with the rounded bottom that has become so popular over the years. It holds more tobacco and allows a person to enjoy more smoke than the smaller 03. The B10 model has a tapered top to it which gives a very elegant and classic look. It is the closest thing to a Sherlock Holmes design that the Irish Sea collection has to offer.

The 221 design is similar to the 69 model, but the 221 has a rounded brim as opposed to an open one. This is also a very popular model of pipe that customers all over the world enjoy. The entire Irish Sea collection has its own personality which is making fans of smokers all over the world.

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