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Different Peterson Sherlock Holmes Styles

The Peterson Sherlock Holmes lines of pipes is one of the most comprehensive lines available in the world. When people think of a Sherlock Holmes pipe, they think of the deep bowl and the exaggerated stem. While this is the basis for many of the more popular Holmes designs, the Peterson Pipe Company takes this concept to a new level by offering a wide variety of designs that are all based on this popular motif.

Different Peterson Sherlock Holmes StylesSherlock Holmes Smooth Finish

Every one of the Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipes has the smooth surface to it and is made from a tested and true Irish bowl material. There is a Mediterranean briar pattern to the finish that gives it an elegant but durable look.

This line of pipes is broken down into the Fishtail and P-Lip variations. The Fishtail designs have the special Fishtail stems that distribute smoke throughout your mouth while the P-Lip designs have a stem that directs the smoke to the roof of your mouth. Anyone who has tried the two different smoking options knows that they definitely offer two separate experiences. This line of pipes is the ideal line to try one each of the Fishtail and P-Lip smoking technology.

Sherlock Holmes Fishtail Models

The Fishtail variations include models such as the Professor, Original, Deerstalker and Squire. The Original Sherlock Holmes design is the one that most people are familiar with and it is also one of the more popular selling pipes in the line as well. The deep bowl sits comfortably in your hand as the extended stem makes this pipe extremely comfortable to smoke.

Sherlock Holmes Fishtail Models 

The P-Lip line of pipes includes the Baskerville, Deerstalker, Original, Professor and Squire. These are the same designs as the Fishtail line, but with the P-Lip stem on them. The most interesting of these designs has always been the Deerstalker with its small bowl opening but large capacity. It allows you to get more from your smoke than many of the other designs.

The straight stemmed Baker Street pipes are very basic designs, but they are unlike anything you would expect to see in a Sherlock Holmes collection. The decorative Storient Meerschaum pipe is something that would enhance any collection. This entire line of pipes can be used as practical smoking pipes or they can be put on display as part of your museum-like collection. These Peterson pipe designs have been extremely popular for many years and it is about time that you took the time to find out why.

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