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Dr Grabow; An Inexpensive Smoke

Tobacco pipe smokers might be privy to Dr Grabow. Chances are that you might have spotted Grandpa with his old (never seen anywhere without it) Savoy tobacco pipe at the dinner table. Do you know why this brand is still popular today? No it isn’t just because all of its smoking pipes come in elegant designs or because they come with separate filter systems.

Stumped? The reason that Dr Grabow is such a notable brand is that its smoking pipes are relatively inexpensive as compared to their pricier counterparts. You won’t need to save up or break the bank in order to get a smoking pipe that screams quality. One of these tobacco pipes is sure to make a great conversation piece at any cocktail party with your friends.  

The Original Idea

The idea for the pipes came about when smoking pipe manufacturer Loius Linkman decided to get together with his friend, general physican Dr Grabow and invent a new line of pipes in his name. Rumors suggest that Linkman’s plan for his new line of innovative smoking pipes featured a nicotine and saliva trap system that also had the capacity for substituting as a scraping tool. In other words, the tool could also be as a scraper to allow users to remove any residue from their pipe bowls.  

Since Linkman was originally a pipe manufacturer himself, the Dr Grabow pipe brand was only one of many that were made at the Linkman plant on W.Fullertom Ave. However, they enjoyed pride of place especially since they earned the public’s approval in 1937. During this year, Linkman Publications showed records that proved that sales of their Dr Grabow pipes had increased by 8 fold. This was only during the first six years of production!

By the 1950s the Dr Grabow Pipe Co advertised their first line of Savoy pipes for $2 apiece. Pipe enthusiasts also rank Dr Grabow pipes according to four distinct groups according to cosmetic changes–

Group One

This particular group displayed Dr Grabow’s and Linkman’s stamp on the shank, a 4 digit number, a white emblem on top of the stem and a double hole cleaner.

Group Two

Dr Grabow pipes in this group also come with Linkman’s stamp on the back but with a new white spade emblem, a faster twist, narrower threads and a new single hole cleaner.

Group Three

These are relatively similar to the above two but do not display Linkman’s emblem on the shank. Dr Grabows from this group are also termed as “pre-smoked” and are also described as Imported Bruyere.

Group Four

These also come without the Linkman’s stamp on the shank, narrow threads with a fast twist, a four digit number and a single hole cleaner. They were officially produced during 1944 till 1952. Instead of the stamp they feature a 5 lined shield emblem or gold ring.

With so many models to choose from, and a cheaper line up to boot, it is no wonder that Dr Grabow enjoys acclaim as one of the most smoked series of smoking tobacco pipes.