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Dr Grabow Big Pipe: An American Innovation!

Dr Grabow is a name that is familiar to any American pipe enthusiast, as it has been operational in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for the past sixty years. Dr Grabow has been functioning in the town of Sparta in North Carolina, and has today established itself as the biggest quality pipe manufacturing company in the entire world.

Dr Grabow makes an estimated two hundred thousand pipes every year, which are crafted from the finest quality of Mediterranean briar wood, which is processed through fifty two different phases of production before it is finally distributed to retailers worldwide.

The Dr Grabow Big Pipe comes in a textured brand, made from the finest grade of Mediterranean briar, which has a textured stem material. The general length of the Dr Grabow Big Pipe is 5 ¾ inches, while it is two inches in height. The outside diameter of the bowl is about 1 ½ inches, with the inner diameter being 7/8 inches. The depth of the bowl is approximately 1 ½ inches, as all the measurements slightly differ due to differences in the product line and the shape you buy.

The Dr Grabow Big Pipe is available in a deep ebony color, in both rustic and smooth finishes, you can order whichever one you think works best for you. Other colors that the Dr Grabow Big Pipe is available in include a light wood brown color, which looks best in the smooth finish and a textured chocolate brown color that gives the pipe a sophisticated look.

Dr Grabow tobacco pipes are not devoid of innovations in their quality products. The Dr Grabow Big Pipe has the unique “pre-smoked” feature originated in the Dr Grabow factory back in 1930, when Mr. Linkman, a businessman who was friends with Dr. Grabow came up with the concept. Pre smoking a pipe means breaking a pipe in, which any pipe smoker to know is a process which requires a lot patience, where the smoker “breaks in” the pipe by using it repeatedly to a degree when it is finally comfortable to smoke and can produce the quality of smoke that it was designed to produce.

An advertisement released back in 1946 claimed that Dr Grabow smoking pipes were “America’s most wanted pipes”, and almost sixty six years later today, that advertisement has held up quality which is true to its claim, and Dr Grabow Big Pipe is no exception.