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Dr. Grabow Cardinal: Have a Smooth Smoking Experience!

The Story of Dr Grabow pipes are just as rich as the quality of the pipes themselves. The tale starts off back in 1930, when a general physician named Dr. Paul Grabow lived in 2348 N. Seminary Avenue, with his back door opening to a particular drug store owned by a Mr. Brown who ran the usual ice-cream bar, wire chair and metal tables operation. Bonding over a mutual love of fly-fishing, Grabow and Brown used to get together and chat every evening in the backroom of the shop, smoking their pipes and talking.

They were soon joined by Mr. Linkman, a big businessman who owned M.Linkman & Co a big pipe factory one block away on W. Fullerton Avenue. Soon these three gentlemen struck up a close friendship, and the idea for Dr. Grabow’s pipes was born.
Dr. Grabow is a brand of smoking pipes which America is proud to call their very own. It has functioned in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for over sixty years, in Sparta. Today Dr. Grabow has made its mark in the world as the largest well esteemed pipe manufacturing company worldwide.

Dr. Grabow produces over 200,000 pipes annually, which are all created from high grade Mediterranean briar wood, which undergoes 52 various phases of processing before it goes through the final production, which makes it ready for distribution to retailers based around the world.

The Dr Grabow Cardinal tobacco pipes use push stems and standard Dr Grabow filters for a smooth smoking experience. The Dr Grabow Cardinal smoking pipes have a large bowl, which means that they provide a cooler smoking experience, along with a fishtail mouthpiece which gives them a sophisticated look.

The Dr Grabow Cardinal pipe is made in rustic and smooth brand, crafted from top grade Mediterranean briar, complete with a textured stem which adds substance to the pipe The overall span of the Dr Grabow Cardinal pipe is 5 5/8 inches, while it is 2 inches tall. The external diameter is about 1 5/8 inches(of the bowl), with the inner diameter measuring in at ¾ inches. The deepness of the bowl is around 1 ½ inches. The measurements can vary according to the various products you purchase.