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Dr Grabow filters for a cool smoke

Using Dr Grabow Filters help improve the experience!

Dr. Grabow is one of the iconic American brands for pipes and pipe related accessories. The Dr. Grabow tradition began over sixty years ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains ofNorth Carolina. You may already know that theBlue Ridge Mountains, part of the greater Appalachian Range, is home to two major national parks and a scenic highway that connects them both. The mountains got their name thanks to their blue color when seen from a distance -- and it's this beauty and wild, majestic splendor that the Dr. Grabow brand seeks to evoke in its pipes and Dr Grabow filters.

With or without filter?

When smoking a pipe, you can choose to smoke it directly or select a filter to use in the pipe. A filter has many benefits and can make the experience of smoking your pipe smoother and more enjoyable. The purpose of the filter is to filter out various toxins and impurities, such as tar. This serves to make the taste of the tobacco smoother and may also help to keep moisture from reaching the smoker. Not all pipe smokers choose to use a pipe filter, but they are common inEurope; Dr Grabow filters are the iconic American filter brand.

Dr Grabow filters are made especially for use in Dr. Grabow pipes, so if you use a different Dr Grabow Filters Improve Smoking Experiencebrand or style of pipe, you may need to consider another type of filter. There are other kinds of filters available through European brands, but Dr. Grabow is generally recognized to have the best American-made filter. When you insert a filter from Dr. Grabow, you will get a cooler, drier smoke with every puff of your pipe. Many pipe smokers report a reduction in "tongue bite" from using the Grabow filter and find the process of smoking more relaxing and enjoyable when a filter is used.

If you have never used a filter before, Dr Grabow filters are a good selection to begin with. It is truly a matter of taste and opinion whether you will prefer a filter or not. If you use strong, aromatic tobaccos such as those available fromEurope, you may be interested in using a filter to "take the edge" off the tobacco and allow you to really savor the deep, rich flavor that you can perceive beyond the "bite." Since there are many varieties of tobacco to choose from and enjoy, you may find that some are more appropriate for a filter than others.