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Dr. Grabow Freehand: Provides a cool, dry smoke!

Dr. Grabow is a brand of smoking pipes which America has always played host to with pride. It has been operating in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for the past sixty years, in the town of Sparta. Today Dr. Grabow has established itself in the world as the largest quality pipe manufacturing company across the globe.

Dr. Grabow manufactures more than two hundred thousand pipes annually, which are all created from the highest grade of Mediterranean briar wood, which undergoes fifty two different phases of manufacturing before it goes through the final processes, which makes it ready for sale to retailers based around the world.

The Dr. Grabow Freehand comes in twelve different styles within its product line, which is the usual standard for Dr. Grabow pipes. Some are available in straight and some are bent while some might have smooth bowls, or carved bowls. It is the ideal pipe for smoking all day long, as it easily transitions into producing comfortable smoke that you can enjoy without the hassle of breaking in the pipe to a level when it reaches its capability to produce nice and cool smoke.

The creative details added to Dr Grabow pipes can easily compete any other pipe company around the world. Dr Grabow has the unique ‘pre-smoked’ feature in their pipes, which was originally employed by the Dr Grabow factory back in the 1930s, when one of the originators of the company, Mr. Linkman came up with the concept. Pre- Smoking is a useful concept, because when you buy a pipe, you have to assign a certain period to “break in” the pipe for it to function at its best.

Breaking in a pipe requires a certain amount of patience, as you need to smoke the pipe again and again with the smoke quality not being as good as it can be, before you can finally reach a point where your pipe can be smoked comfortably, and produce the quality of smoke it was created to produce.

The Dr Grabow Freehand pipes are five and three quarter’s inches in length, having a height of 1 7/8 inches. The outside diameter of the bowl measures up to 1 7/16 inches, with the diameter on the inside of the bowl being 13/16 inches. The overall depth of the bowl measures up to one and a half inches, which gives the bowl the perfect proportion it requires to provide a constant stream of cool and dry smoke.

Dr Grabow is a name that is familiar to any American pipe enthusiast, as it has been operational in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for the past sixty years. Dr Grabow has been functioning in the town of Sparta in North Carolina, and has today established itself as the biggest quality pipe manufacturing company in the entire world.
Dr Grabow makes an estimated two hundred thousand pipes every year, which are crafted from the finest quality of Mediterranean briar wood, which is processed through fifty two different phases of production before it is finally distributed to retailers worldwide.