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Dr. Grabow Grand Duke: Experience the Luxury!

The Dr. Grabow Grand Duke is one of the most sought after smoking pipes in the entire Dr. Grabow itinerary. Beautiful in complementing tones of light and dark brown, the smoking pipe is designed to provide you with a luxurious smoking experience, making the utmost use of your tobacco, providing you with hours of leisurely smoking.

Dr. Grabow’s has been making pipes for the past sixty years, with its factory set up in a town called Sparta, which is located next to the Blue Ridge Mountain Range in North Carolina. Even though the town is small and has a total population of eighteen hundred people, over two hundred thousand pipes get manufactured from the Dr. Grabow factory each year for retail around the world. Dr. Grabow’s smoking pipes come in easily accessible packaging, which makes the pipe the main focus of your purchase, without any complicated packaging to deter your attention from the actual pipe which you bought.

The Dr. Grabow Grand Duke smoking pipe is made from top quality briar wood from the Mediterranean. Mediterranean briar is considered the best type of wood to make smoking pipes from as it durable and is heat-resistant to a certain degree.

All of Dr. Grabow’s pipes go through extensive processing, through fifty two different steps of manufacturing before they are ready for distribution. The Dr. Grabow Grand Duke smoking pipes are available in both rough and smooth, and are equipped to handle even the finest of all pipe tobacco without any difficulty. The Dr Grabow Grand Duke is also has the pre-smoked feature, with tobacco through a machine to break the pipe in sooner.

The Dr. Grabow Grand Duke has perfect measurements in order to provide a comfortable smoking experience, without it resting heavily inside your mouth, making it cumbersome to hold on to. It is 5 5 /8 inches in length and is 1 5/8 inches tall. The outer diameter of the bowl measures up to one and a quarter inches, with the inside diameter of the bowl measuring up to three quarters, making the pipe symmetrical and easy to hold. The overall depth of the bowl measures up to one and a half inches.

The Dr. Grabow enterprise started in 1930 when a general physician called Grabow got together with the owner of a small scale drug store, and a large scale factory owner to form the company over a mutual love for quality pipes, which has led to their company becoming a premier pipe manufacturing outlet for the rest of the world today.