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Dr. Grabow History

History of The All American Dr Grabow

The all American Dr Grabow line of smoking pipes has been hailed as the largest quality pipe manufacturers around today. The famous smoking pipe brand gets its name from the owner Dr Grabow, a general physician who lived in Chicago.

The Dr Grabow pipes first began with Louis B Linkman of the M.Linkman and Co of Chicago. The trademark “Dr Grabow” itself actually begun at about 1932 and had the US patent number 1.896,800. The patent describes a threaded stem joint that consists of a metal extension into the “bore” of the stem pipe and into the pipe bowl. The purpose of this mechanism is to make it easier to scrape the carbon deposits from the inner surface of the bowl. Another trademark you might have heard about Dr Grabow pipes is “Pre-Smoked”. This trademark wasn’t used until 1937.

The Story of Dr Grabow

The birth of the Dr Grabow smoking pipe is simple enough. It started off when Dr Grabow himself and his acquaintance Dr Linkman regularly visited the local pharmacist at Brown’s Drug Store in Lincoln Park Chicago. Dr Linkman was on the lookout for a doctor’s name to Christian an innovative line of pipes in order to mellow out the smoking apparel’s smoggy image. He asked Dr Grabow to allow him to use his name to which he agreed and the name has stuck since then. Linkman continued to manufacture his Dr Grabow pipes until 1953. 

The earliest of these exclusive pipes were stamped both with Linkman’s and Dr Grabow. They included a propeller emblem that was white in color at the top of the mouthpiece. Linkman’s pipes are also stamped with their own four digit code. This code indicates their model and shape. For example, the PRE – 1944 model names included the “Special”, “Supreme” and “Deluxe” versions of Dr Grabow’s pipes.

In 1944 the white propeller emblem was replaced with a white spade, a move that heralded the introduction of Linkman’s new Dr Grabow pipes. All of the newer entries included most of the earlier favorites as well as “TRU-GRAIN” and “SELECT”. Later models of Dr Grabow pipes were described as Imported Briar.

To Call a Spade a Spade

After 1953 Grabow pipes were owned and manufactured by Leonard, Henry and Thomas Inc. of Queens New York. This is when they came to be produced in Sparta, North Carolina by Sparta Pipes, Inc. Most of the pipe brands models were the same but now came with an additional threaded metal or push stem joints (associated with HL&T) that are popularly known as “Adjustomatic”. Besides this Dr Grabow pipes also came with the wide spade emblem at the left side of the pipes’ stem that were pointing up.

After 1955, HL&T began replacing the older Dr Grabow pipe models with new ones in 1955. These included the Adjustomatic “El dorado”, “Savoy”, “Regal”, “Starfire” and “Viscount”. Other than that they also included the Duke Filter GRAND DUKE, DUKE and ROYAL DUKE. The earlier Duke Filters came with a blue spade emblem while the earlier push stem pipes featured a yellow spade.


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