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Dr. Grabow Omega: For Economical Luxury!

If you are looking for a tobacco pipe that is both economical and an excellent smoker, then the Dr. Grabow Omega is the perfect choice for you. Many pipe smokers across the world agree that the Dr. Grabow Omega smoking pipe is one of the easiest smokers that they have ever encountered and that it allows them to have a satisfying smoking experiencing without making huge dents in their wallets.

Dr Grabow Omega RusticOmega Shape

Many praise its sophisticated design and shape, and compare it’s mouthpiece to the acclaimed Peterson P-lip mouthpiece, despite the fact that the Dr. Grabow Omega is a straight smoker. Dr Grabow Omega Is a pipe that comes in handy when you are going for a quick and easy smoke, as it delivers an excellent performance even if it cannot be called the most handsome of all the pipes in the Dr. Grabow smoking pipe range.

Dr. Grabow has used various methods for improving the quality of their tobacco pipes while trying to maintain their reasonable prices in the market. Over the years they have developed different techniques to add quality to their pipes, such as carving, rustication, dark lacquering and paneling to disguise any obvious cosmetic flaws the pipes might have. The Dr. Grabow Omega pipe is the type of pipe that you smoke on an ordinary basis, but it delivers a commendable performance nevertheless.

Grabow Pre-Smoked

Many pipe aficionados would agree that the most cumbersome aspect of purchasing a new pipe is the breaking in process, as briar Dr Grabow Omega Smoothpipes taste awful prior to their breaking in process. However, Dr. Grabow has employed its famous ‘pre-smoked’ feature in the Dr Grabow Omega pipes as well. The process that involves breaking in the pipes prior to retail involves processing the pipes through a machine designed to literally smoke three bowls of top grade tobacco to prepare the pipe, so that smokers do not have to experience the unpleasant sensation of breaking in a raw briar pipe.

The Dr Grabow Omega smoking pipe was first introduced during the 70’s as an innovative replica of the more expensive Federica Rovera pipes, which made the Dr. Grabow more accessible to the pipe smokers who could not afford to spare money on the luxuriant Rovera pipes. The Dr. Grabow Omega employed the use of six millimeter filters, which made cleaning the pipe fairly easy. If the filters were changed on a regular basis, this pipe can outperform most luxury pipes as it is sturdy and reliable and always produces satisfactory smoke.

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