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Dr. Grabow Riviera, a classic!

The Dr. Grabow Riviera is a standard Dr. Grabow pipe which has incredibly popular over the years, which is now regarded as a vintage classic amongst pipe enthusiasts and collectors around the world. It has a sleek and elegant shape, and is available in two finishes, smooth and rusticated, so you can select the look that suits you the most.

The Dr. Grabow Riviera smoking pipe is made from fine briar wood, which adds stability to the pipe, as briar is naturally resistant to fire, and has properties that allow it to soak up dampness. The burl of the briar is designed to absorb water in a natural setting, to keep the tree hydrated during dry weather; hence briar wood has the ability to soak up the dampness that is produced through combustion every time you light up a pipe.

Dr. Grabow has leading innovations used for their smoking pipes, which make them the ultimate ‘to-go’ pipes which you can smoke easily and comfortably, getting the immediate satisfactory results that you would desire without wasting long hours breaking the pipe in to get it to function at its optimal level. This way the smoker can get to the best part about smoking without having to deal with the unpleasant sensation of smoking a raw briar pipe, which does not taste good.

The Dr. Grabow Riviera smoking pipe is a little over five inches long from the rear of the bowl, to the end of the pipe. The diameter of the bowl chamber is an estimated 7/8 inches, with the depth of the bowl being a little less than one and a half inches.

The Dr. Grabow Riviera has beautiful harmonizing colors, between deep and light brown, with an acrylic stem, which resists the basic teeth wear and tear most standard estate pipes experience. With proper care you can make your Dr. Grabow Riviera last for a long time, and it can provide you with the same excellent smoke year after year in the same manner that it did when it was brand new.

The Dr. Grabow factory has been producing excellence in smoking pipes ever since it was established over sixty years ago, in a little town called Sparta, situated near the Blue Mountain Ridge in North Carolina. It is commendable that over the years the Dr. Grabow factory has reached a level of producing over 200,000 pipes per year, which are distributed for retail worldwide.