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Dr. Grabow Savoy: Fit To Be An Heirloom!

Dr. Grabow Savoy is a tobacco pipe you can cherish throughout your life, and can still serve as an heirloom to pass down to another loved one in your family. The appearance of the Dr. Grabow Savoy is one of prestige, and denotes everything that a smoking pipe should symbolize, such as luxury, class and elegance. It is a perfect gift for a milestone in someone’s life, as it is sturdy and reliable; it would not perish with time if it is taken care of properly.

Dr. Grabow has been making pipes since the early 1930’s, with its headquarters based in the small town of Sparta, situated near the Blue Mountain Dr Grabow SavowRidge in North Carolina, where it has been manufacturing quality pipes for over sixty years. Despite the fact that Sparta only has a population of eighteen hundred people, over two hundred thousand smoking pipes are manufactured in the Dr. Grabow factory and are shipped off for retail around the world on a yearly basis.

The Dr. Grabow factory was established by the hard work of three gentlemen, a general physician named Dr. Grabow who used to frequent a drug shop near his practice, along with a third gentleman called Mr. Linkman, who was a rich businessman in the area, owning a smoking pipe producing factory on his own. The men bonded in the backroom of the run of the mill drug store, with its wiry chairs and ice-cream bars, and launched a legacy of pipes, which today has made its mark amongst the most premier pipe making companies worldwide.

The Dr. Grabow Savoy is available in twelve different styles as per requisite of every product line launched by Dr. Grabow. The most popular style of the Dr. Grabow Savoy smoking pipe is the Dr Grabow Savoy Bent. The Dr. Grabow Savoy Bent comes with a carved finish, which gives the pipe a sleek and elegant look. The Dr. Grabow Savoy smoking pipe comes in a standard shape, with slight variations added in the bowl size and the size of the stems so that you can choose the pipe that best fits your requirements.

Available in a rich dark brown color, with a black acrylic stem, the Dr. Grabow Savoy is beautiful to look at, with its shape crafted with mastery; it is truly the gem of any pipe collector’s itinerary. The excellent craftsmanship in combination with its pre-smoked feature makes the pipe extremely desirable as it allows the smoker to have that fine smoking experience without spending hours trying to break the pipe in.

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