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Dunhill Pipe

Since the first Dunhill pipe came to be in 1905, this tobacco accessory has become synonymous with quality and elegance. The Windshield Pipe was the first of these Dunhills, and the original pipe dating from the turn of the century is quite a collector's item. Although few pipes today are created with the intention of making it easy to drive while smoking a pipe, there is no denying that this line of pipe really does consider the smoker's needs in every way. Since he opened his first tobacco shop in 1907, Alfred Dunhill has created an entire way of life for the distinguishing pipe smoker.

Dunhill PipeDunhill Pipe Briar

Made of high quality briar wood, the Dunhill pipes are all made from hand carved and hand stained briar, so that each and every pipe is guaranteed to smoke perfectly each and ever time. In addition to the pipes, Dunhill also makes several types of lighters and even sells cigarettes. Some of the fun accessories can include pipe stands, tobacco pouches, pipe cleaning kits and cigar cases. For the pipes, you can choose between sandblasted finishes, smooth finishes, amber root or chestnut dark finishes. Extensions can consist of bamboo or horn, and the mouthpieces are often Vulcanite, Cumberland or horn rods.

Dunhill Collectors

Since these pipes are often such collector's pieces, and are also so unique, there can be a bit of confusion when you are trying to “date” a Dunhill pipe that you have bought. The most valuable time frame for these pipes ranges from the 1920's to the 1940's, and most collectors do not consider their collection to be complete without a Dunhill from this era. In addition, the stamps for the pipes were usually only used for a few months at a time, so it really can be difficult to pinpoint when the pipe was made.

Dunhill Pipe Finishes

Depending on where you look to buy your pipe, you might have the chance to choose from these types of finish: Bruyere, Root, Shell, Tanshell, Redbark and Cumberland. There are also stamps and numbers on the pipes that can help with identification of a vintage pipe. Before you buy one online, be sure that you do careful research to get a real Dunhill. Interestingly enough, you might also wish to check out Alfred Dunhill's book “The Pipe Book” in which he pontificates upon the tubular aspect of pipes. It is easy to see where and how Dunhill's fascination with tobacco pipes influenced his designs.