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Each Savinelli Autograph Is Unique

When a tobacco pipe manufacturer creates a line of designs, there are usually repeats in the bunch to help consumers take advantage of some of the more popular features. For example, a design may come with a Fishtail stem and a P-Lip stem to allow people to have their choice. It is unique when a pipe company will make each design in a collection different and give consumers the dilemma of having to choose one particular design or buy the whole collection. The Savinelli Autograph line of pipes is one of those experiments that consumers enjoy.

Each Savinelli Autograph Is UniqueSavinelli Italian Pipes

Savinelli has been making traditional Italian pipes for a long time now. But the company also likes to expand out to try something different every now and then. All you need to do is to look at the Freestyle 4 Sandblast design from the Autograph series to see just how far the company will go to do something unique. It is a pipe that looks like it has melted from the top down and it almost has a candle effect to it. It is a briar pipe with a sandblast finish that looks and feels like no other pipe on the market. It is just one of the examples of creative engineering that has gone into this line of pipes.

Smooth Savinelli Autograph

Even the Smooth Autograph pipes by Savinelli have something unique to offer. The Smooth Panel 5 offers an angled brim with a rounded top that is very familiar to customers of Savinelli. But the Smooth Panel 0 has an angled top and jagged edge that is very unique. The 5 Smooth pipe is your standard high-brimmed bowl that is always found among the very best pipe collections by the world’s top manufacturers, but its dark color sets it apart from the other Smooth pipes in the Autograph line.

Your Savinelli Autograph

The best part about the Savinelli Autograph line of pipes is that you are bound to find something that appeals to you in this collection. The thing that can allow you to get a little carried away is that each design is different and offers a unique look. It is a collection that you will want to have in its entirety and it can help you to get started with a comprehensive pipe collection of your own. If you need something different for your tobacco pipe collection, then the Savinelli Autograph line of pipes is something that you have to see for yourself.

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