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How Do You Become A Tobacconist?

The tobacco industry has taken a beating over the last few years. However, people love the smooth and rich taste of certain tobacco smokes and everybody loves the social aspect of it. Pipe smokers are forced to gather outside, huddle up and get to know each other in some states. You can turn this pleasurable pastime and social network into a career by being a tobacconist.

Tobacconist the Specialist

A tobacconist is a specialist in, you guessed it, tobacco; all things tobacco. This includes everything from tobacco pipes, lighters, matches, pipe cleaners, cigar cutters, humidors and so forth. There is a ton of information that you have to absorb and then later apply. You may have been smoking these products for quite some time and are confident in your knowledge of the products, but there is a lot more than knowing what to smoke when becoming a tobacconist.

Running a tobacco pipe shop is like any other business, and this is the first thing to realize when trying to specialize in tobacco. You need to know the ins and outs of business or the shop will most certainly be forced to close. It is a real good idea to take a simple business class at a local community college before getting started. Knowing the basics of business will boost your ability to succeed.

Tobacconist Training

The next thing to consider is training under someone in the know. There are not state or federal regulations over being a tobacconist, so the training is up to you. You could decide to move near a tobacco shop and get a job working for another successful business owner before moving out on your own. Another option is to setup a job interview with a tobacco shop and ask questions to the owner; pick her brain for a while and take notes. There are online classes available that will teach you all about the business as well.

Once you are firm on becoming a tobacco pipe shop owner it is important to abide by state law. Most states regulate the sale of tobacco so you will be forced to apply for a tobacco license. Don’t try to open the doors without it or you’ll face stiff penalties. Learn a few things and then open up your dream store with a strong social network of pleased smokers.