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How often should I change my Dr. Grabow filter?

Your Dr. Grabow pipe filters can play a crucial part in the quality of smoke you get out of your pipe. There are some filters that efficiently keep waste materials out of your mouth and provide you with a clean smoking experience. However filters tend to accumulate all the residue of your previous smokes, and soon are not able to sort through the waste and the quality, which hampers smooth smoking, and inhibits your pipe’s ability to perform to the best of its abilities.

Many people decide to forego the filter all together when they are smoking their pipes, to get a fuller smoking experience without any clogging. However it is always recommended to use a filter to shield your lungs and throat from the direct impact of unfiltered tobacco which can cause health issues and might take away the joy of smoking a pipe from you.

It is hence suggested that you should change your filter after smoking six bowls in a standard Dr. Grabow tobacco pipe, as that is usually the time you should get around to replacing your filters. Most Dr. Grabow smoking pipes come with the standard six millimeter filter that you can replace whenever you feel like it. The filter can also be removed if you wish to have more impact in your smoke. Medico filters can also be employed in Dr Grabow pipes, which are more economical, and more or less serve the same purpose.

There are always ways to employ filters in your pipe in a way that they do not damage the integrity of the smoke. The medico filters have minute paper baffles meant to trap and block out small particles from entering your mouth, providing you with purer smoke.

Filters all have a limited lifespan in which they are useful. Hence they should be replaced frequently. There are a lot of filter refills available at tobacco shops at every corner, so this should not be a difficult move which you should do to prevent damage to your pipe.

The essential part of recognizing when to change a filter in a Dr. Grabow smoking pipe is remembering that filters absorb a lot of moisture. Therefore you should keep a lookout for when they become extremely soggy, which is a sign that they need to be replaced. Filters which are not replaced when they become soggy end up ruining the stem of your precious pipe.

It is always useful to use balsa wood filters instead of paper filters, as balsa has naturally absorbent qualities, and can provide you with a cool and dry smoke while maintaining the flavor of the tobacco.