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How Often to Change Savinelli Balsa Filter

Tobacco Pipe smoking is a great way to unwind, and it's actually a hobby that many people love to pursue.  From collecting pipes to actually smoking them and enjoying fine tobacco in a time-honored way, few things match what a great pipe can provide.  Whether you're just starting to enjoy pipes or have been doing so for years, one of the big considerations is what type of tobacco pipes you'll be smoking through.  The Savinelli pipe is among the most respected in the world, and utilizes a special balsa filter known as the Savinelli filter.  This filter will impact your enjoyment of your smoking experiences, but you'll want to ensure you keep it fresh.

The Savinelli filter is designed to slip inside the stem of all Savinelli pipes and help smooth the smoke, enhance the flavor, and improve the overall quality of your smoking sessions.  Much like a cigarette filter, the Savinelli filter will make a huge difference in your pipe's performance and your tobacco's flavor.  But you can't simply slide in one filter and use it for months on end.  Instead, you'll have to keep it fresh and changed on a regular basis to ensure that every smoke is as good as the last.

Using tobacco pipes to relax is about flavor, and a fresh Savinelli filter is the key to getting great flavor from your pipes.  The manufacturers suggest changing the filter at least once every two to three smoking sessions to ensure the best taste and experience.  Waiting longer than that will cause the filter to become saturated in residue that can hinder the performance of your pipe and cause it to impart some harsh, unpleasant flavors to the smoke.  But changing it every two to three sessions is a minimum, and you can certainly get more from your pipes if you take it a step farther.

While manufacturers say to change your filter every two or three smokes, most aficionados agree that changing the Savinelli filter after every smoking session is the way to go.  It makes sense, when you think about it.  The filters are very cheap, easy to replace, and easy to find.  When you've spent your hard earned dollars on the best tobacco pipes and the best tobacco out there, why risk ruining its flavor by not changing out a filter that costs a few cents?  If you want to ensure every smoking session is a treat, a fresh filter every time is the way to go.