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How To Break In A Brebbia Pipe

Brebbia Pipe Company was founded n 1947 by the founder of Savinelli pipes and his cousin. They wanted to expand their business and originally did so under the original name. This gave them reputation and credibility since the company had been in business for so long. However, the partnership dissolved in 1953 and Enea Buzzi went on to make pipes on his own, naming the company Brebbia in 1956. The logos for this company have changed many times over the years and they are very popular for a variety of pipe styles. There is a small staff of 14 that hand-carves all pipes, giving you the quality that you deserve.

Brebbia Pipe Care

Of course, having a hand-crafted pipe means that you have to put that much more effort into taking care of your Brebbia pipe. This is a piece of artwork as much as a smoking tool, and it deserves the best care. Make sure that you follow all instructions that come with the pipe accordingly, for starters. The first few weeks with your pipe are the most critical and you need to make sure that you give your pipe a good introduction so that it can give you the best lifespan possible.

Break In A Brebbia

Breaking in this pipe starts with short smoking sessions. The first 5-10 smokes should only have a bowl about half full, letting the pipe get used to being smoked. Even if How To Break In A Brebbia Pipeyou're a seasoned smoker, this is best for the pipe itself. It also needs to rest for about a day between smokes to get used to being used. Don't bother coating the pipe with anything to build up the coating because that will come in time and it's better when it happens naturally.

Be Careful Breaking In

Watch out for other smokers who are readily willing to give you varied advice on breaking in your pipe. While they might know what they are saying, a lot of forum posters are just smokers who think they know what they're talking about. Make sure that you actually get the facts about your new pipe because this is one of only about 35,000 made annually which means that it's really special and deserves the extra special care. A pipe like this can give you years of enjoyment if you care for it properly, so you should make sure that you get the information that you need before you light up to get more from your pipe.

Get a Brebbia!