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How To Break In A Chapuis Comoy Pipe

Chapuis Comoy has been making pipes since 1825. The company first started then by the founder who wanted to make all kinds of collectible pipes. He had been involved with his cousins, the Chapuis family, for years and wanted to do his own thing. Of course, the two became competition but also appreciated each other throughout the years. They decided to join forces in the early 20th century, creating one of the best pipe companies available today.

Little Effort to Break In

Breaking in a Chapuis Comoy pipe doesn't take a lot of effort, but there are some important steps that have to take place to ensure that your pipe gets the care that it needs. For starters, this pipe should always be kept dry. The pipes are finished with materials that can be damaged by water or other liquids so make sure that you keep yours on dry land. You should also let the cake build up on its own. A lot of smokers will try to tell you that you can coat the bowl to help it, but a good smoke really comes from proper use and letting the pipe do it's thing.

How To Break In A Chapuis Comoy PipeLet Your Pipe Rest

Another part of breaking in this type of pipe is that you need to make sure that you let it rest for an entire day in between smokes. This gives the wood time to rest (or whatever other material it is made from) and allows the pipe to get used to being used. There are different people who will have different recommendations of wait times if you talk to other smokers, but a day is the standard for breaking in a new pipe.

First Few Smokes

The first handful of smokes should have only about half a bowl of tobacco and you should try to finish them completely. This gives the pipe an easy introduction. It also allows you to slowly progress to full use. If you can't finish it entirely, you shouldn't panic. It's a recommendation, not a must. It's also going to be important for you to take long, deep puffs when you're smoking your new pipe. Short ones will make it burn hotter and could damage it or cause it to have a shorter lifespan that it could.

These are all great tips and steps to keep in mind when you're trying to break in a new pipe. Chapuis Comoy pipes don't take a lot to break in, so it's going to be pretty easy as long as you follow the guidelines. 

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