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How To Break In A Kaywoodie Pipe

There's something to be said for a new Kaywoodie pipe. Adding a new one to your collection – whether you have a single pipe or three dozen – is always cause for celebration and will add one more way to enjoy a nice, relaxing smoke to your day. Each pipe is unique How To Break In A Kaywoodie Pipeand delivers a unique smoking experience, so it makes sense that people take their time to select the right pipe for them. Kaywoodie pipes are among the most well-known in the pipe industry. The company has a long history and their pipes are designed for cool, relaxing smoking. They're a great choice when you want a new pipe, but be sure that you take the time to break them in properly.

Kaywoodie Pipe Break In

Since a Kaywoodie pipe will be made from aged Italian briar, it is best broken in with the standard method used for briar pipes. As long as you use just a bit of patience, you'll be able to get the kind of cake you need for great smokes and really enjoy what the pipe has to offer you.

Breaking In Debates

There is actually a good bit of debate within the pipe world as to the proper way to break in a Kaywoodie pipe or any other pipe. The general rule has long been to start off by packing the bowl about half full for the first few smokes and then gradually increasing the amount of tobacco over the next 12 to 15 smokes. This is intended to create a protective cake from the bottom up since the pipe will be smoked all the way down to the bottom.

But the new line of thinking is break in your pipe by simply packing it just as you normally would and then smoking very slowly for the first dozen or so smokes. The argument here makes sense, really. Few people ever smoke to the bottom of their pipe anyway, and it's very rare that a buildup of cake on the heel of the pipe is needed at all. And when it does build up, the airway leading up the stem becomes clogged frequently. Even if you do smoke to the bottom regularly, you'll do so when you pack your pipe full, so it still gets the protection needed.

Smoke Slow

You're free to use either option, of course, and different people swear by each method. Either way, be sure to smoke as slowly as possible to ensure your pipe isn't damaged during the break in process. 

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