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How To Break In A Medico Pipe

Medico pipes are generally considered to be great entry level pipes or perfect travel pipes. They're very affordable and utilize a paper filter that remains the most absorbent paper filters on the market today. Medico pipes are made from either quality important Italian briarwood or from a material known as Brylon, which is a kind of synthetic material that keeps costs low. Just like any other pipe, the first thing that most will need to do when they purchase a Medico is start to break it in. How you do so will depend upon the type of pipe you buy.

How To Break In A Medico PipeBuildup Some Cake

Breaking in a pipe refers to the buildup of carbon within the bowl, known as 'cake'. This cake protects the bowl from overheating and helps to add a better flavor to the smoke as you enjoy the pipe. It keeps your pipe working at its best and keeps it safe during use.

Medico Briar

For a Medico pipe made from briar, the process will be similar to that used on all other types of pipes. The golden rule of breaking in a pipe is to smoke slowly, and there are two schools of thought where it's concerned. One involves starting by packing the pipe about half full and then gradually increasing the amount of tobacco in it over a dozen or so smokes. The other option is to pack your pipe just like you normally would and smoke it as usual, only a bit slower. Both options work, and the key is to smoke slow so that the bowl isn't heated up too much and so that the cake buildup occurs properly.

Medico Brylon

For those who buy a Medico pipe made from Brylon, the break in process is a bit different. That's largely because the synthetic material won't really develop the carbon cake that a wooden bowl will. There's a chance that some ash may build up in the bowl, but the fact is that it's not going to develop the kind of cake that is generally regarded as being 'broken in'. In other words, you don't really need to worry too much about breaking in a Brylon Medico pipe.

Medico pipes are extremely popular for good reason, and if you've purchased one you'll want to take a few minutes to determine whether or not it's one that can be broken in. If so, the process is very easy and will reward you with a lifetime of great smoking pleasure.

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