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How To Break In A Vauen

All tobacco pipes are a little different, but there is definitely something to the break in period that makes a difference in how well you enjoy your pipe and your smoking over the years. A Vauen pipe is a quality pipe that consistently ranks in the top 10 pipe brands, and it has been notorious for having a relatively short break-in period that makes it easier to get to enjoying. Of course, the styles and types of pipes that you want might be different, so it's all up to you. Ultimately, the break-in process is similar for all types of pipes.

How To Break In A VauenHere are some Vauen tips:

  • Don't worry about the cake building up. Some smokers will coat the bowl with something to help build it up faster, but eventually it will get there and you should just enjoy smoking, and forget about the hassles.
  • There isn't a set "period" for any pipe. It's very important that you take special care of an uncoated bowl so that it is well-cared for and lasts longer. Coated bowls require less care but are still delicate. You should allow the pipe to rest for at least a day between smokes as you're just getting started. That way it can get used to doing its job.
  • The Vauen pipe should only be filled halfway or less for the first few times. That way, it's not smoking too long or being wasted. You should also try to smoke it to the end, but that's not something that you have to be super careful about. Just try to get it as close as possible.
  • Remember that you can't be too careful. Within reason and with the tips here in mind, you should really just smoke your pipe so that it gets better faster. This is different for everyone but you usually won't have a problem.

Vauen Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance 

Once you take the time to break in your new Vauen pipe, you can start looking into cleaning and maintenance because these are issues you don't even have to think about during the break-in period. Just remember the tips here and make sure that you spend some quality time with your new pipe so that you can get it to an optimal place for smoking enjoyment, no matter what type of pipe you have or how you enjoy your smoke. It's all about personal taste, really, so give it a try for yourself to see what it takes.

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