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How To Break In A Vuillard Pipes

Pipe smokers know that the variety of their pipe collection is very important for their overall enjoyment of their smoking sessions. Different tobacco pipes offer a different experience, from the feel of the pipe in one's hand to the quality of the smoke to its overall flavor. Rotating pipes is important, which is why serious pipe smokers will frequently add different types of pipes to their collection. Vuillard pipes are one option that many will eventually add to their pipe rotation.

Vuillard History

Vuillard pipes are made by a very old company with a long, rich history. Today there are different styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes available on a Vuillard and there's one for every smoker's taste. Of course, before you can really begin to truly enjoy the pipe you'll have to spend a bit of time breaking in the pipe. This is referred to as 'breaking in' the pipe, and is a must for keeping the wood protected from excessive heat and for increasing the quality of your smoke.

How To Break In A Vuillard PipesVuillard Quality

Vuillard pipes are made from high quality wood, and as a result there is a process that must be followed in order to make sure that the pipe is broken in correctly.

There is actually a debate going on now about the best way to break in a Vuillard pipe or any other wooden pipe. The traditional method is to pack your bowl about one third to half full and smoke it slowly. Then, over the course of a dozen smokes, gradually increase the amount of tobacco until you're smoking a full bowl. This ensures that the heel of the bowl gets a good, solid cake to keep it protected.

The other option, and the one that has grown in popularity in recent years, is to simply pack the bowl full as you normally would and smoke it slowly. The argument is that by smoking the entire bowl this way you're still breaking in the heel along with the rest of the bowl, and avoiding a clogging problem that can often occur with the older method.

Smoke a Vuillard Slow

Whichever of the two choices you decide on, the key is to smoke slowly. Smoking too fast will cause the bowl to overheat significantly and cause damage to it. Instead, smoke slowly and gently. You'll enjoy the process, and your pipe will be much better off because of it. As long as you break in your Vuillard, you'll get a lifetime of smoking pleasure from it.

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