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How To Break In A Yello Bole Pipes

There are numerous options for those looking to purchase a new tobacco pipe for their collection, and it's important to add several to your assortment in order to get the best results from How To Break In A Yello Bole Pipesyour pipes. By rotating which pipe you use you'll increase the longevity of your pipes and get a unique experience each time you smoke. For many, one of the best choices will be a Yello Bole pipe. These pipes are designed to be affordable and still provide a quality smoking experience. They're available in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs and there is likely to be one out there for everyone.

Break in Your Yello Bole

You'll need to consider breaking in any pipe when you buy it, and a Yello Bole is no different. However, these pipes are either made from Italian briar wood or a material known as Brylon, depending on the model. If you're buying one, you need to understand the method of breaking in the pipe.

Briar Yello Bole

For a briar Yello Bole, the process is the same as it usually is for other pipes. You'll simply need to pack your bowl and smoke it very slowly. There are two methods here that are employed. One is to start by packing the bowl about half full for the first couple of smokes and then gradually increasing the amount of tobacco with each subsequent smoke. The other option is to start with a fully packed bowl and allow the cake to build up this way. Both are valid options, and as long as you take care to smoke slowly you'll be able to break in the bowl with relative ease.

Brylon Yello Bole

For those who buy a Yello Bole pipe that is made from Brylon, the break in process is quite different, largely because there isn't really one. Brylon is a synthetic material developed as an alternative to briar and while it still provides a good smoke, the material won't carbonize the way that wooden bowls will. It can also stand up to heat a bit better, so the break in period isn't really as much of a requirement.

Simply put, those who decide to buy a Yello Bole pipe will be able to enjoy the affordability they offer along with a quality smoke that is well worth the money. Breaking in the pipe may or may not be required, depending on the specific model, but in all cases it's a good idea to make sure you understand the process just in case. 

Get your Yello Bole!