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How To Break In Savinelli Pipes

Savinelli pipes are unique in the world of premium pipes because they are made from high quality briar. Successfully breaking in one of these units will ensure that an individual can enjoy their device for years to come.

Savinelli Pipe Carbon

First of all, there are some pipes out there that are pre-carboned. There is some debate as How To Break In Savinelli Pipesto whether or not this requires a unique break in process, but the vast majority of smokers treat pipes made from briar the same regardless of whether or not they are pre-carboned or not. It is also generally not a good idea to make any attempt to try and speed up the build up of carbon within the device. Some individuals will choose to use saliva, honey, or some other liquid, but this is not generally necessary unless it is something that an individual simply prefers to do.

Break In With Your Favorite Blend

These pipes are probably some of the easiest to break in because the only real step that an individual needs to do is to use their favorite blend of tobacco and smoking. Of course, some smokers prefer to only use half a bowl of tobacco initially and slowly build up because they preferred to allow a certain amount of carbon to build up in order to protect the bowl from the intense heat. Whether or not an individual uses the normal amount of tobacco or not, most experts do recommend that a person smoke slowly in order to keep the temperature low until they have managed to go through several bowls of tobacco.

Savinelli Pipe Cake

As with other high quality pipes, a certain protective layer of carbon, or cake, is important because it protects the pipe, but too much of this carbon can actually cause the bowl to crack, rendering a high-quality and expensive pipe useless.

Savinelli Pipe Proper Break In

While it may not be necessary to follow every step listed when it comes to breaking in a Savinelli pipe, individuals who have a routine that works for them and that they enjoy should go ahead and continue to treat this pipe like they have every other unit. Some smokers prefer to have a certain amount of tradition when it comes to getting a new pipe ready and there is no reason that a high-quality and beautiful Savinelli pipe should be treated any differently.

By keeping the temperatures low initially and allowing the pipe to dry out after each use, one of these units will provide a person with years of enjoyment and pleasure.

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