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How To Fill A Sillem's Lighter

A Sillem's lighter is one of the best tobacco pipe smoking lighters that you can buy. These lighters have impeccable craftsmanship and are nothing like your average lighter. These elegant tools are built with unique designs and high-quality styles. These flint lighters come from Japan and are great for pipe and cigar smokers. They make the average flint lighter look like nothing when they compare. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from, giving people the chance to get so much more out of their purchase. Of course, when you're buying a lighter like this, you have to know how to fill it properly.

How to Fill

There is a spot on the bottom of a Sillem's lighter that has a nozzle for the aerosol butane refill spray. You simply insert the nozzle into the spot and press down on the butane until the filling sound stops. It's a pretty simple process. Most lighters hold about 3.3 grams of butane so that they don't need to be filled very often. You can buy butane refills in most places that you can buy these lighters, including online, to help you keep stocked with all of the accessories that you need for less.

How To Fill A Sillem's LighterSillem's Choices

There is so much out there to choose from in the world of lighters and accessories, but Sillem's is definitely a brand worth owning. You will need to make sure that you check out the selection available and have the tools on hand to fill your lighter properly. You can get so much more life out of your lighters and other smoking accessories when you take better care of them and know how to use and maintain them accordingly. Luckily, as you've learned here, filling a Sillem's lighter is easy and will keep you smoking for a lot of years to come.

Sillem's Popularity

Sillem's isn’t the only brand of cigar and pipe smoking lighters out there, but they are some of the most popular. People love their unique styles and designs and the quality craftsmanship that they offer. There's a lot to choose from and it's easy to get these lighters for a lot less than you expect when you shop online. It's really all about getting what you want from your investment. Now that you know how to fill your lighter properly, it should give you plenty of years of good use and you'll probably only find yourself shopping for new styles because you want a new design. 

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