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How To Keep A Tobacco Pipe Lit

Beginning smokers will usually have lots of questions about the proper techniques used to enjoy their tobacco pipes. However, one of the most common questions will be how to keep their tobacco pipe lit. This is an art form in and of itself, and while there are some different methods to remember and some points to think about, it's also worth mentioning that even the most experienced pipe smoker will sometimes have to re-light their pipe during a smoke. It becomes harder to keep the pipe lit as you reach the bottom of the bowl due to the reduced amount of oxygen reaching the embers, so plan on that occurring as well.

How To Keep A Tobacco Pipe LitFirst Light

Hands down, the most important factor in keeping a tobacco pipe lit will be to make sure that it is lit correctly for the first light with the correct pipe lighter or match. A technique known as 'charring' is used during this process. Start by lighting the pipe and puffing about five or six times on it. Then, use your pipe tool to tamp the surface of the tobacco down. This chars the top layer of tobacco and helps provide a better experience. Once you've done this, light the pipe again. This second light will make it much more likely that your pipe stays lit throughout the rest of the bowl.

As you smoke, use a tamper to tamp down the ash residue on an occasional basis. This helps keep your tobacco packed properly. In the case of very tall bowls you may even need to dump the ash from time to time.

Smoking Pace

The pace you use with smoking will have a huge impact on your smoking experience. It's a fine balance between puffing just enough to keep your pipe lit and puffing too often and causing the pipe to burn hot. As a result, you'll want to practice to get the right results. Make sure that the pipe doesn't become too hot and remember that it's better to have to relight your pipe than it is to let it burn hot.

Proper Packing

Finally, be sure that you're using proper packing techniques. The way you pack your tobacco pipe will have a big impact on the way that the tobacco burns and as a result you'll want to make sure that you know how to pack properly. If you'll keep these basic points in mind, keeping your pipe lit will become easier to do. Just remember to slow down and enjoy your smoke and not worry so much about whether or not you have to relight on occasion.